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Akira Yuki of Virtua Fighter to Appear in Dead or Alive 5

[Via Giant Bomb on Youtube]

Veering off the road to the Final Showdown, Sega and Tecmo-Koei are bringing Akira Yuki from the Virtua Fighter series to Dead or Alive 5. It probably makes more sense than space bounty hunters or hadoukens when it comes to both fighting games, as they are both more technical and forego hyper realism. (To a point)

There’s a joke here about floaty physics that both franchises suffer from if you want to go that far. But, come on, show some class.

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    Now your getting to the point were you should be called sega retro!!!!

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      Consider it a test drive. 😉

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    well it’s not Shinobi VS Hayabusa but it’s close enough, DoA5 looks promising though!

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    This was unexpected.

    In before nobody knows what Virtua Fighter is.

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    This battlefield…..has a hint of fish.

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    well I like how they make topics about other SEGA games as well, every true Sonic fan likes SEGA games and vice versa!

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    Well, color me interested. I’m all for more crossovers.

    I want to see Virtua Fighter vs Tekken!

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    If I didn’t read the title, I could swear this was a Virtua Fighter X Dead or Alive crossover, and not just Akira Yuki in DOA.

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    WTH does this have to do with Sonic?…  Kidding..

    I’ve never played a DoA game before.  But, from the first time I saw a video of it, the game looked awesome…  Akira honestly isn’t doing much for me considering I’m not much of a Virtua Fighter guy.

    I’m no more hyped for DoA5.  The only thing that would make me more hype is if it was DoA vs. VF. I’ll still consider getting it…  Or, wait for the coming DoA vs. VF.  It’s going to happen… this is like Akuma in X-Men: CoTA all over again…   Except with DoA and VF.

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