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March 7, 2012

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UPDATE: Two More Sonic Game Gear Games Coming To 3DS Virtual Console

[UPDATE: It was originally reported that Sonic Spinball was the other game announced. This has been corrected after finding the appropriate ratings document.]

For those with a 3DS who do not wish to lug around a Game Gear with a mini-nuclear power plant strapped to your back to power the thing, Sonic Triple Trouble is set to release for U.S. 3DS owners on Mar. 15, leading a charge of other Game Gear titles such as Shinobi and Dragon Crystal.

However, the Australian Classifications Board has revealed that two more Game Gear era Sonic titles are headed to the 3DS Virtual Console in the form of Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Blast. Labyrinth features Sonic losing his speed thanks to Dr. Robotnik, so he must roll around mazes in ball form. Sonic Blast, also known as “G-Sonic” and one of the last games to be released for the Game Gear, tries to emulate the 3D look Sonic featured in Sonic 3D Blast (hence Sonic Blast) and includes the ability to also play as Knuckles. Neither were well known for their great quality.

Hopefully Sonic Spinball and Tails’ Skypatrol won’t be too far behind in this selection of “sterling” titles. That way, we can focus on bringing out the likes of Sonic Chaos/Sonic & Tails or the infamous Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

[Via My Nintendo News]