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More Tails Remnants Found in Chaotix

Forum member and resident wiki sysop Andlabs has been very busy tearing through the Knuckles’ Chaotix ROM recently for the sake of documenting its internals entirely. Among the oodles of information he’s uncovered, though, one particular find stands out…

It’s Tails in the Tornado! It’s been known that Sonic and Tails had leftovers in prototype builds of Chaotix, but something of this caliber has never been seen before. Big props to Andlabs for the find!

Check out the forum topic here.
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    I like that sprite a lot. Maybe there are more in the Rom! (It would be AMAZING to find a new sprite sheet for Sonic or Tails!

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    I wonder if this is in any way related to the good ending, since Sonic and Tails appear with the tornado. Maybe a removed cutscene or something?

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    Cool find. Nice-looking sprite, too. Perhaps someone can put that one to use in some fangame or other…

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    that’s a great find! it’s alway good to find that stuff, cause then maybe someone will use it in a project they are working on =D and man, it’s just fun to take apart games like that anway!

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    I can’t wait to see what the guys at retro find next!

    Also, you should update this blog post with the hidden Super Sonic sprite they found a while ago.

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