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SEGA Channel Retro: Windy Valley Mod for SADX, Featuring CorvidDude

The live show is already over, but you can check out the archived stream above as well as more content below!
This week’s live show on SEGA Channel Retro is a tour through the Windy Valley Beta Mod that was released recently for Sonic Adventure DX. We’ll also have CorvidDude, the author of the mod bringing his insight on restoring the level from the AutoDemo.
If you want to check out the mod for yourself, you can hop over to CorvidDude’s YouTube channel and check the links in the description of this video.
I’m joined by Overlord, GeneHF and OverlyEquippedin our little venture as we also check out the latest Sonic title, Sonic Jump Fever as well as catch up with Sonic Dash with Andronic. Also say hello to me as I try to roll eggs with Billy Hatcher in SEGA Superstars. Finally I take a blind look at Atlus and ACE Team’s latest offering, Abyss Odyssey.
Sonic Adventure DX: Windy Valley Restoration Mod with CorvidDude [Twitch] [YouTube]
Sonic Jump Fever, Sonic Dash, SEGA Superstars [Twitch]
Abyss Odyssey [Twitch] [YouTube]

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    A couple of points I wanna mention:
    The first is that everyone’s talking about Hidden Palace a lost level finally making it to an official build but people are forgetting Sonic The Fighters XBLA/PSN version with Honey The Cat, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s still something and you gotta give SEGA some credit for accepting to release that while many companies wouldn’t!
    The second point is the giant rings mod in Sonic Adventure, I already mentioned that to MainMemory before, a Japan exclusive dlc for the original DC version of Sonic Adventure did actually have a similar concept with the giant rings, not many people know that but a simple google search should get you there and you can even download and install it on your VMU (or emulator) and try it for yourself!

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