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Mega64 Takes the [Onion] Rings out of Everyone’s Mouths.

Mega64 has certainly gained a lot of popularity since starting as a mere public access TV show. Of course I liked them before they were cool. But whatever…

Today isn’t a day to chuckle at Mega64’s antics, but to observe their classy taste and analysis of…uh…fast food.

(Why this simile isn’t drawn upon more I’ll never know.)

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    Haha.  I see what you did there O.o

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    I already posted this in the Sonic 4 topic (several hours before your news post)

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    I still like Sonic even after all this time. I find what they said about Sonic mildly offensive and kinda depressing. Why are they so negative toward the Sonic franchise? Seriously? 🙁


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    I love the dig at Weezer at the end.

    Sonic and Weezer. Two things that just haven’t been the same since the 90s.

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    Nice! I love the connections!

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    I had no idea what they were talking about, until they staed talking about mario’s pizza shop too XD…but i have to say, even after all the junk me and sonic havebeen through tgether, i am still open to a happy relasionship, even if it means looking back to the old times =)

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