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Sonic Hacking Contest 2020 Trailer, Entry List Revealed

SEGA’s recent sale-a-bration has provided a trove of Sonic games for low prices. After expanding your game library, now you can expand them with brand new content. This year’s Sonic Hacking Contest has revealed a list of entries and a trailer by redhotsonic.
Check out some of the highlights for this year’s entries. A texture makeover for Sonic R turns Sonic Mania zones into 3D raceways. Add more options to Sonic Heroes‘ multiplayer mode with the Extended Multiplayer Edition. Sonic 2 Pink Edition replaces the usual duo with Amy and Cream. A mouse interface to move objects around in Sonic 1 is now possible with Sonic 1 Point and Click Edition.
The trailer also shows several streamer personalities showcasing this year’s entries including AntDude, Argick, MegaGWolf, redhotsonic, Sam Procrastinates, Somecallmejohnny, Tails’ Channel, Just Jesss, Garrulous64 and DaveAce.
The contest week lasts between Monday 26th of October to Sunday the 1st of November. You’ll be able to find all entries to download and vote for when the event goes live at You’ll also be able to find the streaming schedule and updates for the contest as they happen. For the list of entries, be sure to expand this article by hitting the jump link below.


Contest Entries:

1. AMY MANIA 2020 by Troopsushi & CodenameGamma

2. Bob-omb Battlefield in SADX by Rarefoil

3. Bunnie Rabbot in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by E-122-Psi

4. Cream and Cheese in Sonic the Hedgehog by E-122-Psi

5. Dash Adventure 2 by AeroIncarnated

6. Dead Line – Sonic Lost World by AnotherBlob

7. DOOM in Sonic Mania by TheStoneBanana

8. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine: DX Edition (Ver. 3.0) by RadioTails

9. Gex The Gecko in Sonic 1 by JoenickROS

10. Knuckles’ Emerald Hunt Mania by BlueStreakMods

11. Labyrinth Zone EX by TheInvisibleSun

12. Mighty & Ray in Sonic 2 by campbellsonic

13. Motobug in Sonic Mania by PaisanoJay

14. Nozomi Mania by YumeGipsu

15. Pantufa the cat : Extended Edition by VAdaPEGA

16. Return of Shadow by JoenickROS

17. Sonic ’06 – Greenflower Zone by Knuxfan24

18. Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris by JotaroPowered

19. Sonic 1 – Point & Click Edition by Nat The Porcupine

20. Sonic 1 Delta by MrLordSith

21. Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure Demo by Jdpense

22. Sonic 2 Tailsplosion by GTKoopa

23. Sonic 2: Return to Westside Island by D.A. Garden

24. Sonic Black & White by TheInvisibleSun

25. SONIC DELTA 40Mb (Sonic Delta Next) by Neto

26. Sonic Forces Re-imagined Demo by brandonj

27. Sonic Forces Tag Team Revamped by SuperSonicThomas

28. Sonic Halloween by CamManS5

29. Sonic Heroes: Extended Multiplayer Edition by DonutStopGaming

30. Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+ by Apollyon

31. Sonic Megamix Mania – 2020 DEMO by MegamixManiaTeam

32. Sonic Remixed Adventure by Dreamcast Team

33. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Anniversary Edition by SophieDude

34. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Mania by AChickMcNuggie

35. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Pink Edition by E-122-Psi

36. Sonic the Hedgehog Frenzy by Yoshister

37. Sonic the Hedgehog: ReOne by DeltaWooloo

38. Sonic Visual Maze (Revised) by Joshwoakes


40. Unnamed Mania Mod by Cyber1204

41. Unoriginal Flappy Bird Clone by LJSTAR

Expo Entries:


2. Chat VS Sonic Mania V2 by CodenameGamma

3. Classic Sonic Improvement Mod – THE CHAOS UPDATE!!! by Showin

4. Cursed Hedgehogs pack by PkN0PE

5. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine: Redhotsonic Edition by RadioTails

6. Green Forest (Team Battle) by Shadow Side

7. Mighty Redone by CrappyBlue

8. SA2 Vs Chat by MainMemory

9. SHC2020 The Real Sonic 2 by lavagaming1

10. Sonic & Knuckles Master Edition Demo by Xebninmaj

11. Sonic 1 published by EA by VAdaPEGA

12. Sonic 1 Tag Team Adventure by Jdpense

13. Sonic 1: Character Pak by LuigiXHero

14. Sonic 2 but with Chaotix Physics by Jdpense

15. Sonic Acceleration by Staffer

16. Sonic Adventure DX: Hebrew Translation Project by TeamKipod

17. Sonic Forces – Tropical Jungle by Knuxfan24

18. Sonic Generations: LATAM Spanish Conversion by senorDane

19. Sonic Mania J2ME by Iso Kilo

20. Sonic R Improvement Mod by Showin

21. Sonic R Mania (Sonic R Texture / Sound Mod) by Rlan

22. Sonic the Hackable – 23-07-2017 built by CHRdutch

23. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Encore Mode by SonicFan300

24. Sonic the Hedgehog 2+ by Alex Field

25. Sonic The Hedgehog: RANDOMIZER by cyberkevin

26. Sonic: Painful World Spikes Kazio by Vadim_Super

27. sonics epic quest by Sonic_the_dutch_hedgehog

28. UMGZ by TheInvisibleSun

29. Zack Fair Sonic by PkN0PE

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