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Unseen Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Art by Yasushi Yamaguchi Comes To Light

Sonic the Hedgehog 2. For some, it represents everything that a Sonic game should be. The pinnacle of the series, an entry point for millions of kids who would become life long fans. Due to its development, an extra layer of mystique has also surrounded the game, which is why when anything new comes out regarding its creation, people get excited. Just one more piece of the puzzle that showcases how such a beloved game came into being.

You might remember that last month, we posted about Craig Stitt. Not only was he an artist on Sonic 2, he went on to have a pretty impressive career outside of SEGA, working on such classics as Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank. Over at the Facebook group SEGA Retro Gamers, he’s been sharing stories of his time working in the gaming industry, and posting content that has never seen the light of day. That Treasure Tails pitch? Yeah, he’s the one who shared that.

Well, earlier today, Craig posted another slew of art connected to the development of Sonic 2, drawn by none other than the creator of Miles “Tails” Prower, Yasushi Yamaguchi.

These are photocopies I made of Yamaguchi’s oringal drawings; to help me stay in sync with the game’s style while designing the art for the levels I was working on. (Hidden Palace and Oil Ocean)

Hit that jump to check out the gallery.

While some of these images have been seen before, there’s plenty here that’s brand new. We get to see just how Mecha Sonic looks from behind. There’s a crisp image of the Death Egg Robot. And there’s plenty of Sonic’s, Tails’, and Eggman’s to go around. A lot could be said about them, but what’s the saying? “An image’s worth a thousand words?” Heck, no one wants to read 27,000 words. So just go on, check em out, and feel free to comment on the ones that stick out to you.

[Source: SEGA Retro Gamers]

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    Thanks so much I’m am such a big sonic fan and that made my day

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    I want to try out the shadow in Sonic the hedgehog mod

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    i found a cool unseen sonic balance thing

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