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Production Demo Recordings From Sonic OVA Soundtrack Shared

With the full version of “Look-a-Like” being unearthed and shared to the world on Sunday, many fans wondered if the source that shared it with the community had a full version of the Sonic OVA soundtrack in their possession. illuminor, who had reached out to the anonymous contributor on the OVA, ran that question by their source to find an answer. They received a reply that provided a single .mp3 file containing production demo recordings of the soundtrack. The file isn’t from the master sound source, sporting occasional sound artifacts and issues with stereo, but considering that the OVA is nearly 25 years old now just being able to hear this at all is astounding.

The quote below from the YouTube description shines a little more light on the tracks themselves  specifying that the tracks they don’t seem to have any official names, for instance. It is also worth noting that this .mp3 file also doesn’t contain every single piece of music created for the OVA, but it does include the South Island track, don’t worry.

Here’s the time stamps. According to our contact, the tracks didn’t have any official names, they were only numbered. The names provided here are simply made up based on scenes in the OVA where they appear.

0:00 – Track 01 (Sunset in Eggmanland)

0:57 – Track 02 (Ancient Ruins in the Dark Lands)

1:57 – Track 03 (Approaching the Egg Generator)

3:07 – Track 04 (The North Pole Glacier)

4:42 – Track 05 (Sonic to the Rescue)

5:50 – Track 06 (Rushing to Eggmanland)

7:29 – Track 07 (Metal Sonic Appears)

8:56 – Track 08 (Unknown, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA)

13:51 – Track 09 (Seems to be an unused track with some elements from “Look-a-like”)

18:15 – Track 10 (South Island) 20:19 – Track 11 (Sky Lands and the White House)

22:03 – Track 12 (Hyper Metal Sonic, Awaken)

23:33 – Track 13 (Unknown, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA)

28:50 – Track 14 (Unknown, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA)

30:33 – Track 15 (Demo with some vocals, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA)

31:32 – Track 16 (Unknown, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA)


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