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Yes, You Can Play as Shadow in Sonic Forces

On November 7th, 2017, Sonic Forces is slated to be released across the gambit in both digital and physical formats. It seems like only yesterday the cryptic CG trailer was premiered in front of fans, and now we are less than two months away from experiencing it first hand. On Tuesday, the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel revealed something unexpected. It’s not a hoax or an imaginary dream, that is indeed a playable Shadow the Hedgehog in a new Sonic game!

Labeled as “Episode Shadow,” this DLC expansion will give the chance to play as the titular hero. The prequel to the main game will unfold over three levels exclusive to Shadow, using some familiar backdrops. VizardJeffhog over at the Sonic Stadium was able to get a tad more information as to how the story will open, describing a scene featuring a Team Dark mission that runs into trouble when Shadow and Rouge lose contact with E-123 Omega. Having a playable Shadow could be enough for anyone, but some banter between Team Dark? When was the last time either of those things happened? (excluding mobile endless runners of course)
As an added bonus, players will be able to experience the dark hedgehog in over ten Modern Sonic stages. A new coat of paint is never a bad thing, especially when on the quest for Red Rings and better rankings.

One more thing to note in the world of Sonic Forces. Last week, a “promotional video” was also released on Japan’s SONICMOVIECHANNEL. Though it features some gameplay, the focus is definitely on story, though it might open more questions than answers. The trailer has yet to be released with the English cast, but translations have been done. While speculation can run abound as to what this all means, we won’t find out what all the clues mean until November. Unless SEGA reveals a whole bunch of content during the Tokyo Game Show.

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    And all the edge lords rejoiced! I’m sure people will still mod Shadow into the game either way.
    Looks cool tho. Wonder if Metal Sonic and the Chaos 0 will be playable.

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    Nothing will save this game. Not even Shadow the Hedgehog Music.

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      The games already great tho

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    I go to the Milan GamesWeek and I discovered a thing. I want to send an image bit how van I do it?

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