PrE3 Meetup at Dave and Buster’s in Hollywood, CA!

Woah hey wait what? E3 is only a week away? Dang man, that’s pretty cool. For those of you who will be in the area for the biggest video game event on the planet (or are still going to be around post a certain other convention from the day prior…) join us for food, drinks, and games over at Dave and Buster’s in Hollywood, CA the Monday before the big show, June 12th! We’ll be meeting there around 5pm Pacific (that’s UTC−8 for any of you Brits that might want to come!) and will likely close it out at midnight, should folks be willing to stay out that late. Feel free to pop in, have a few drinks, grab some grub, and try the completely ridiculous Mario and Sonic arcade game with us. Hope to see you there!
Just a heads up: There’s a lot of Dave and Buster’s locations in the Los Angeles area, make sure you’re headed to the one in Hollywood, California specifically!
Shoutout to Tracker TD for the awesome art!

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    Poor Tails, give him a beer

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    Y’all better be joining us! It’ll be a fun time!

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    Frankly none of should be drinking at their age, but they’re all fictional so whatever.

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    Awesome! I’ll get to hang with you guys again!! Can’t wait! Look forward to
    See you all!

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    Wait… Sonic is 16 and Knuckles, 15… Why are they drinking at their age?

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