Sonic-A-Thon Endures Sonic Game Gauntlet for Child’s Play


Summer is halfway through for us northern hemisphere folks, but it is never a bad time to kick back in the air conditioning and watch a bunch of fans do crazy things in a variety of Sonic games. The motley crew over at HellfireComms is well underway on their Sonic-a-thon charity drive, where all proceeds will go directly to Child’s Play.
The crew is currently going through Sonic Rush with Sonic Labyrinth up next. You know, that crappy one on Game Gear where Sonic has Slow-Shoes and has to roll everywhere? At the least, the personal torture these guys are inflicting upon themselves playing the (abundantly) bad games of the series should be entertaining.
The event started on Aug. 4, but has no definite end time. The party is already underway, so go help some sick kids enjoy video games too! Check out the schedule for more info on when things will be played.

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    God help Johnny, he has to play through Lost World 3DS. That game is fucking unbearable

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      GuessWho hasn’t recovered from his time reviewing it. I played it at a friend’s house and my body violently rejected playing it.
      The fact that game was even approved for release…

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      You clearly haven’t noticed he has to do Sonic Genesis in the end. Oh God.

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    Hey guys, thanks for making an article for the event!
    Really cool to see you and the other big sites supporting us. We’ve managed to do every game so far apart from Sonic Chronicles which did me in, but other than that it’s been a LOT of fun!
    The main block of the marathon ends on the 17th, but the 18th and 19th will be when we’re playing games unlocked by people throughout the marathon via donation goals.
    Anyway, I’m waffling. Thanks again!

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    Hey Sonic Labyrinth is a great game. Way better than Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for the GBA. 😛

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    Well done to everybody involved for raising money for such a good cause.
    And well done NTom for doing a charity stream that actually has some impact and will benefit numerous lives, unlike the Tracy Yardley embarrassment conducted by FTA.

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