Retrocast Season 2 Episode 1 – Manic for Mania

Well hey! We’re back, and we’re here to stay. Join David The Lurker, Cinossu, Neo Hazard, Overlord, InstantSonic, and Volg Shan as we discuss the new Sonic Mania trailer, as well as Sonic Forces!

If you’d like to know the background tracks used in this episode, click read more to find out!

Masato Nakamura – Star Light Zone (Diamond-Nefertari G Mix)
Street – Maritime Police
DJ MAX-E – Expanding Sensation (Balloon Park Remix)
tsuzu – Optical Solids
qualo – Garden of Love
Jace + Phantasy Star Online Episode 2 – Robotic Photosynthesis
halc – Black Hole Boogie (Space Jungle)
Tudd – Dissipate
koishistyle – KORG volca song
빅스 (VIXX) – Chained Up (Instrumental)
Msystem – Paradise
BlackY – wantmagic.
Hercelot – Bridegroom

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    Nice, great show

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    Awesome show! May I ask what the echidna lawsuit joke at 35:00 is referring to?

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      Oh wait, it’s about Ken Penders isn’t it? :p

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