Sonic Boom is getting a second season

The second season of Sonic Boom (the TV show, not the SatAM episode) has gone into production, at least according to French website Mediakwest. This was announced today at the MIPCOM trade show by LER, the distributor of the series outside of the US and Asia (not including Japan). The amount of new episodes that are being produced is unknown, but if it’s the same amount as the first season we’ll be getting another 52 episodes.
The first season has already finished airing in France at this point, with the US only having to catch up to the last six episodes. The season finale will feature the first appearance of Shadow on the show, which I’m sure Mike Pollock is overjoyed about.
[Via TSSZ News]

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    >TSSZ as source
    REMOVE TimmiT!

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    This is old news, come on Sonic Retro, you used to be more active, what happened? :p
    It’s kind of ironic how everybody just assumed episodes 27-52 were season 2 of the show “with the summer break in the US and what not” I guess life is repeating itself again, I remember back in 2003 when everybody assumed that episodes 27-52 of Sonic X were season 2 due to the change of tune and following the plot from the major games at the time, then in 2005 the true season 2 was announced, until this day most people “me included” call it season 3 when really it’s called season 2 in Japan.

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      Sonic news stopped happening for some time. Also we have lives meaning we don’t always have time to update the front page, and we don’t want to fill the front page with lazy clickbait or stuff that has nothing to do with Sonic or Sega. 😉
      Also, yeah the news is a few days old, but pretty much nobody noticed it. I guess because we don’t pay much attention to announcements from France.

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    Now that I read up on this, is it possible Fire and Ice’s delay has more to do with Sonic Boom Season 2 than anything about the game in and of itself?

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      Polish the game some and time it with the release of the second season. Would be quite a good move if the game is actually in a much better state.

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