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Here’s More Sonic Boom Gameplay From TGS

So SEGA showed some new gameplay of both Sonic Boom games at Tokyo Game Show today. First up is the new Shattered Crystal level they showed off:
The video shows a new tropical-themed level, with the player once again dashing through blocks, swinging over pits with some electric whip thing and switching characters to get past certain obstacles. Overall it’s not really that different from what has been shown in other demos already aside from the setting.
The Rise of Lyric gameplay however shows a side-scrolling level in which Knuckles and Amy go underground to save some mine workers. Each character explores a different part of the level, with the player being able to switch between them at any time to use their special abilities whenever it is necessary. Also there’s some more fighting.
[Source: Woun from Sonic Stadium]

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    RoL gameplay looks alright. I’m reserving judgement, but I’m liking that they’re using 2D to spice up the action a bit. I was worried it would all be the same punchy-kicky-waves-of-enemies-nonstop gameplay through the whole thing, but this doesn’t look bad.

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    I’m still not terribly impressed with the 3DS gameplay, but the Wii U version is still looking promising. I’m cautiously optimistic that it’ll be better balanced in the multiple gameplay styles that most previous Sonic games have been. And I still say it’s got a visual flare going for it that makes it more interesting to look at that most recent Sonic games that feels a bit more akin to the Genesis era.

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