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Sonic Unleashed Now Available on PlayStation Store

If you have a PlayStation 3 system and still haven’t got your were-hog action going, the PlayStation Store now carries Sonic Unleashed in the US for $19.99 USD, and EU/AU territories for £15.99 GBP / €19.99 EUR / $29.95 AUD, with of course the usual complimentary PAL price gouging for no extra product! 
Unleashed joins this week’s store update along with Persona 4 in the US for $19.99 USD as well as Football Manager Classic on PlayStation Vita for EU/AU territories £29.99 GBP/€39.99 EUR/$54.95 AUD. Xbox 360 owners have been able to purchase a digital copy of Unleashed for quite some time, and is now providing benefit to those who want to do away with their physical library.
Source [US PlayStation Blog] [EU PlayStation Blog]

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  • Reply

    I already bought it again even though I already own it physically (loads much faster and less frame dips). I’m still wondering why this is even a thing though.

    • Reply

      Wait, so this digital version has a more consistent framrate?
      I might rebuy this then. The frame dips on the disc version ruined the game for me.

  • Reply

    Wow, you’d think they’d just start advertising the Generations mod at this point.

  • Reply

    Only when they mysteriously announce Unleashed DX for Steam. :V

  • Reply

    It was about time they added the greatest Sonic game ever made.

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