A Very Happy 22nd Birthday to Our Favorite Little Friend

22-ANNIJune 23, 1991. 22 years ago today, the world was hit with a concept unlike any other. Sega was gunning for the king’s throne from Nintendo and it had just launched its meal ticket to do just that. Amazed from the cutting edge looks and bright colors not seen meshed together so elegantly before, the world was captivated and a new star was born.

It’s been a rough couple of years for this little bugger, but many can agree that he’s made an amazing rebound in the past few years, like a teenager who pissed away the best years of his life only to realize, “Well, damn, son, I need to get my act together.”

And while we all have different opinions about the character, whether we like his classic stout look or the lankier taller look, we can all agree that without him, these past 22 years would not have been possible at all.

So join us as at the Sonic Retro family of sites raises its glass to one of Sega’s most influential mascots.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Motobug! Please enjoy playing through his exciting debut adventure one more time.

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  • Reply

    I am happy.
    And very sad.
    Polygon Jim…

    • Reply

      He’d be smiling at this.

      And then he’d call me a homophobic slur because that was Jim. This one was for you, good buddy.

  • Reply

    As much as I’m a huge Sonic fan, always been, always will be, I wasn’t very happy with the games since 2008, the “boost-to-win” game play to be precise, I prefer the Adventure game play, to me while I grew up with the classic era I always liked the Dream Cast era best, that’s just my opinion anyway, looking forward to what the future will bring for us, Sonic Lost World looks promising.

    • Reply

      You missed the joke/appreciation.

      This wasn’t all about Sonic.

  • Reply

    The animations for pushing and running were cute. 🙂

    aw, now I miss Jim. :<

  • Reply

    Motobug, don’t ever change, old friend. =)

    . . .

    Robots can’t be friends.

  • Reply

    Jim will always be with us… in here… *points at his hacks* oh, and our hearts, too.

    Happy Birthday Sonic :T

  • Reply

    This is what I get for not being on here in forever. I didn’t know PolygonJim died. )= I’ll miss that dude’s presence on the site.

    On a considerably brighter note, although I am a couple weeks tardy in saying so:
    Happy birthday, Motobug!

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