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Sonic Hacking Contest 2013 Now Open for Registration


Rev up your disassemblies, it’s that time of the year where aspiring Sonic game hackers get their chance to show off new game ideas once more. Registration for the 2013 Sonic Hacking Contest is now open. In the past, the contest has seen magnificent entries such as the highly-praised Sonic Megamix or the blistering fast (and brutally difficult) Sonic Boom.

Novice hackers of course shouldn’t be so intimidated to enter after seeing names like those, since all it takes is a little creativity to strike gold. Robotnik’s Revenge, anyone?

This year is promised to be the biggest year for the contest according to contest judge SuperEgg.

Yes folks, this year all the stops have been pulled, and media coverage wasn’t an exception. For years, this contest had been only covered by MegaGWolf, but this year is going to be different. Through many hours of research and development, the judges realized that the need to bring attention to this community gem has been lacking, and something needed to be done about it.

I took the initiative and invited one of the ever popularly growing YouTube reveiwer, SomeCallMeJohnny, to play with us during this contest. He will be making a series of videos reviewing the hacks in the contest. Another incentive to make sure your hacks are tip top shape for contest, eh?

Johnny is a cool guy, so be nice. No promises that he won’t bite, cause you never know, the evil Sonic hat could easily possess him again……

With more eyes on the contest than ever before, it’s time to see what all the hackers out there, talented or otherwise, can really do. To submit an entry, vote and comment, you must have a Sonic Retro OR a Sonic Stuff Research Group account that has gone through the respective site’s trial period. Exceptions will be considered, so don’t let this be a deterrent.

Submissions must be done through the contest’s website, located here.

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  • Reply

    SomecallmeJohnny?! He’s like the best person to have right. Can’t wait!

  • Reply

    Yay! somecallmeJohnny is probably my favorite game reviewer =D

  • Reply

    If Megamix entered with their sexy new versions of Starry Night and City Outskirts, then they’d rock the competition!

    …and it would make me very happy. 😛

  • Reply

    SomeCallMeJohnny? Oh badass, I love his opinion on some series, can’t wait to see him this contest…

  • Reply

    Looks like I can’t sign in with my retro account (Kaz). what’s so wrong about the email entires?

    • Reply

      You need to actually get out of validation, either here or at SSRG. You’re still in validation here.

    • Reply

      The site was decided on to get it so it’s all concise and in one place, and allow for nice things like community voting without having to go through hundreds of emails and posts.

      We can add exceptions for specific users, hence why the article says it’s not a deterrent.

      Try logging in now.

  • Reply

    IP Banned in SSRG. so basically I can’t entered the contest for no apparent reason at all? that’s fucking great.

    • Reply

      Talk to Marc. He’ll work something out with you.

  • Reply

    Where can I contract him? (unvalidated members can’t send pms obviously)

    • Reply

      You should be able to post in the Validation topic explaining your situation. It’s usually a no-no, but like the article said, exceptions will be made.

      I already let him know and he’s down to help you out. If not, I can put him in contact with you via email.

      This goes for the rest of you reading who share similar concerns too. Feel free to pop in to #retro on IRC and speak to any op online at the time.

  • Reply

    Holy Damn. I didn’t think getting Johnny involved would be such a popular move.

    On a side note, if any of you guys have an issue with the contest, feel free to contact any of us judges. None of us bite, well.. I do.


  • Reply

    Tell him we can discuss this in via email or Youtube in pm.

    also I’ll try to log in tomorrow. (12 hour due to failed attempts, lol I forgot my pass)

  • Reply

    Holy crap! SomecallmeJohnny?! This shit just got real! (Not that it wasn’t real before!) Spectacular choice! Hopefully that Sonic hat keeps its distance…

  • Reply

    Too bad Sonic Boom was too hard to be any fun. What a waste.

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