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Plumber and Hedgehog Visit a Royal Palace… Again

Last November SEGA released a couple of TV commercials for the release of the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Now that the 3DS version has been released as well another pair of advertisements come with it, again with each having their own gameplay clips and ending.

In this commercial Mario and Sonic get a tour around a royal palace while they try not to act like their usual selves. Above is Sonic’s version, after the jump you can view the version with Mario’s ending and the launch trailer for the 3DS edition.

Mario version:

3DS launch trailer:

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  • Reply

    No Running…..Crap!

  • Reply

    Six words: Sonic and Mario Greco-Roman wrestling.

  • Reply

    Apparently Silver can swim (he’s goalie for the water polo game).

  • Reply

    Man, that Mario ending was pure genius.

  • Reply

    I wonder if both companies collaborated on the sound effects for the ads, too?

  • Reply

    Where’s the “No Bad Physics” sign?

  • Reply

    Why does mario have the SAdventure jumping sound? And the moment i saw the ad i ran straight to gamestop.

  • Reply

    Sonic has a ring fetish!

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