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December 10, 2010

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Sackboy Sonic Houses Sega Secrets

This is too nice to really pass up.

Earlier today, Sega of America’s intrepid team of community people opened up a box sent to them by a fan.

While this should usually set off red flags and require the assistance of the San Francisco Bomb Squad, the package contained an adorable (and slightly creepy) Sackboy version of Sonic.

But the question arises as what the blue puppet contains in its belly…

In a video recording, Fabian Doehla jokes the secret plans for Shenmue 3 are hidden inside the stuffed animal’s zippered stomach.

However, what if this little critter inherits the demonic abilities of a certain other demented stuffed toy of the series? This could mean serious trouble for Sega of America and a fan plot far more heinous than anything concocted by upset Sonic fans. It’s possible the innards of the plush contain a soul devouring black hole, much like Ghost Pokemon Dusknoir.

Sonic Retro will attempt to reach out to Sega of America, assuming they have not all been devoured by potentially demonic powers residing in the toy.