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December 22, 2010


On The Ninth Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

…British men playing Sonic on the telly.

Though us “crazy Americans” had a show or two about video games in the 90’s that never went anywhere, our fellow Sonic fans “across the pond” were lucky that they got numerous shows that lasted for numerous “series.” (see guys they don’t call a years’ worth a “season.” Sure that maybe one of you learned something today!)

The granddaddy of them all was a little show called Gamesmaster, which was half review show, half video game competition, and altogether awesome. And a little freaky (there’s this floating head you see oh god what is that).

For it’s sixth series’ Christmas special, the producers decided to have a “Christmas quiz show” and…well, take a look for yourself:

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Sonic Goes Monochrome in “Project Egg and Watch”

We’ve seen all sorts of Sonic games made all over the place here on Sonic Retro,  like the Mega Drive, the Game Gear, and even the odd PC game. But what about Game and Watch style?

While this isn’t Sonic’s first time in monochromatic beep-booping action, forum member Elratauru has created a little game that has Sonic facing off against the ever familiar Egg Ball boss of Green Hill Zone as well as the Egg Fire from Marble Zone.

You can check it out over at Newgrounds.com. For discussion about the game, hit up the forum link here.

Are you tough enough to handle the higher difficulties?