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December 25, 2010

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Cozy up for Sonic’s Christmas Blast

Not one to be left out of the tradition of having a Christmas cartoon spinoff, Sonic too had a Christmas special, which includes a few cameos from the SatAM saga while being firmly based in the world of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Note the slightly higher quality animation. Sparkly.

Grab some cocoa or some egg nog and kick back. David may have given you 12 days of gifts, but here’s one more for you all.

Because we love to spoil you here at Retro. Merry Christmas, everyone! Hit the jump for the other parts.

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On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

So this is Christmas. In reality, it’s not all that different from other Christmases. There’s snow outside, a fire inside, gifts under the tree…well, unless you don’t celebrate Christmas and find it all just one big consumer monstrosity. But that’s ok, because hiding under all those layers of consumerism is the true spirit of Christmas, full of good will towards men and happiness to all. And really, when we were young, fruitful, and full of spirit, what was it under the Christmas tree that brought so much joy to our youth? Why of course. Sonic the Hedgehog!
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