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January 2011

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Sonic Retro Podcast #4 Released

Clocking in at a little under a…um, year since we’ve last done a proper podcast comes the fourth Sonic Retro podcast! Coming in on the heels of lost podcasts, podcasts where we only talked about Shaq-Fu: The Return, podcasts which were too embarrassing to see the light of day, we give you…a slightly less embarrassing recording of Sonic Retro staff and friends pallin’ around.

This episode we take on the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog fan film Return to the Little Planet 2 (and our ensuing confusion over how it even relates to the Sonic series) and speculate on Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th anniversary, only to realize there’s not that much to speculate on at this point; therefore, we look back at other anniversary milestones and assess what they mean on the eve of this major event.

Our friend Bartman performs hosting duty this time around, and the show is, as always, mixed and produced by InstantSonic. Who knows–maybe we can get around to doing these more than once a year eventually.

Fan Works

The Countdown Has Ended!

Tonight marks the World Premiere of Sonic 2 HD! For the first time since the project’s technical demonstration in 2008, the curtain has been pulled away to let the world see what Team S2HD has been building up. We hope this answers many of the questions long-time fans of the project have had, and that everyone is just as excited as we are for what’s to come.

For those who haven’t seen S2HD since the Tech Demo, you’ll notice that just about everything has been rebuilt from the ground up. What isn’t as obvious is that everything behind the scenes was scrapped as well: shortly after the Tech Demo’s release, the engine used was thrown away in favor of an even more accurate engine in the works–one capable of far more expansion than was originally imagined. In the year that followed the art direction also saw massive changes, and, from late spring of 2010, the finalized art style brought about the last wave of changes to everything that had been created previously. All of Sonic’s movement frames were redone. All the Badniks were scrapped and redesigned. Many of the level art assets underwent the same treatment. The result of these changes is reflected in what you now see.

By the fans, for the fans, spread the word: the alpha release of Sonic 2 HD will arrive Q1 2011!

Site News

State of the Retro 2011

If there’s one thing most of you guys know about me, it’s that I’m a huge Mad Men geek. At the end of this most recent season, Bobby is taken to Disneyland, and he says this really poignant line: “I don’t want to ride an elephant. I want to fly a jet!” Therefore, I guess it’s time to not only look back, but open our eyes to the future of Sonic Retro. Yeah, it’s time for one of these again: State of the Retro.
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Game News

See Sonic 4 “Beta” Running on Wii

You may remember the PartnerNet Leak of Sonic 4: Episode 1 quite a while back, which sent the community into an uproar over several questionable design choices Sega put into the game.

Thanks to a slight slip of the hand on Sega’s part, the company accidentally uploaded the same build up on the Wii’s Shopping Channel over in Japan. For a small period of time, people who purchased the game received this build until it was taken offline and replaced with the actual final build.

But as with all slight slips of the hand, just a few minutes is enough time for things like this to leak out on to the Internet and pop their way onto YouTube. Forum member 1stKirbyever has taken the time of tracking down said leak and recording a 55-minute playthrough of the prototype Wii version, noting differences between this leak, which includes the infamous pinball and mine cart stages, and the final build.

Look below for a full breakdown of differences without watching the whole video.

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Game News

Sonic the Hedgehog Released for Android in Japan

Coming on the heels of 2009’s Sonic the Hedgehog release for the iPhone, Sega has released a version of the same game for Android phones in Japan. This version features an emulator and ROM combination, as opposed to a port, and somewhat accurately emulates the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive. The game retails for ¥700 and can be purchased from Android Market, au one market or Gゲ.

No announcement has been made as to whether the game will be released on the Android platform in other regions yet.

For more information, see the official site for the Android release.

Comics, Humor

“Sonic-Grams” Vol. 1: Once Upon A Time In The Great Forest

The Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase has a very unique reputation. Made up of fans from across the globe, it is split up in so many directions that it can cause your head to spin. People who love the old games, the new games, one of the four TV shows, the American comic, the English comic, the Japanese comics, the OVA…people who love to talk about who Sonic should marry or how he should sound or what he should look like…yeah, it’s not hard to see why the Sonic fandom isn’t the most well-respected on the planet. There are those who yearn for a simpler time, when half of those continuities didn’t exist and the fandom seemed to be a bit more gelled together, giving off the impression that it wasn’t as bad as it is nowadays. And with SEGA getting ready to celebrate Sonic’s 20 years of existence, isn’t it only right to celebrate 20 years of the fanbase? To remember the good ol’ days? And what better way to do that then to turn back the “page” of history, and look fondly at “Sonic-Grams,” the first physical form of communication for numerous Sonic the Hedgehog fanatics…

…and realize that we really haven’t come that far at all.
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S2HD Staff Attack! Act II

Less than a week remains on the countdown! Giving credit where it is certainly due, today’s Dev Blog update looks at the talent behind the art direction and animation of S2HD.

We’d like to post up questions on the blog that the project’s followers here on Retro have for individual staff members as well, so sound off in the comments!


Voice Of Sonic Speaks, Talks Of Consoles

When the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog speaks, millions listen. Except those who are waiting for Martin Burke to make his triumphant return.

This amazing footage was taken by Retro’s own Skyler “Moonshadow Ben Kalough Catz” King, on assignment at SacAnime, in beautiful Sacramento, California! Among the many guest who showed up was Sega’s own Roger Craig Smith, the current voice of the blue blur. Apparently nice enough to deal with Sonic the Hedgehog fans (or at least hasn’t fully come to terms with what he’s gotten into) he offered his well wishes to not only Moonshadow, but the only Sonic site second to Sega. What site could that be? Protip: It starts with the letter “S.” Playing favorites? I certainly hope so.

I really need to get around to checking out those consoles.