Evan Stanley Takes Over IDW Sonic Writing Duties, Ian Flynn Still On Board

If you’ve been paying attention to the comic book industry at all over the last few weeks, you know things haven’t been exactly smooth. With comic book shops having to close, Diamond suspending its distribution services, and production behind-the-scenes seemingly grinding to a halt? It’s hard to know when any comic, let alone Sonic the Hedgehog, will be back on a normal schedule again.

Luckily, IDW announced today some news regarding the future of the Sonic titles, letting fans know that even during this time of uncertainty, they’re not planning on cancelling everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog anytime soon. With the “Zombot” arc meant to wind down over the next few issues, questions have been raised as to what is next. With a couple solicitations (sans date, of course), we’ve gotten our first clue to the future of Sonic. And behind the writer’s pen? None other than Evan Stanley.

If you don’t want to know the slightest bit of spoilers, don’t click the jump. Otherwise, read on.

For those who have been following the Sonic book since the Archie days, the name Evan Stanley should be familiar. Joining the book in late 2011, she provided art for all three titles that Archie was publishing. She even wrote the four issue “The Silver Age” arc in Sonic Universe. Jumping over after IDW acquired the license, she’s also written for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2019 Annual. Starting with issue 33, she’ll finally take the lead, exploring the post-Zombot world.

“Chao Races and Badnik Bases” — “Tails and Sonic try to solve how to fix their damaged ally, Omega,” according to IDW’s description. “Elsewhere, Rouge and Shadow team up with Cream to win replacement parts for Omega through… Chao races!”

The original article announcing her turn as writer, published by, does read as though Evan Stanley is taking over the main Sonic title indefinitely. To help clarify, she jumped on Twitter to let fans know that her and Ian are collaborating together, shaping the future of the Sonic line. So for those worried Ian would no longer be working on the main book, let those fears dissipate.

Ian Flynn chimed in, to let people know that he would return to the book sometime next year, not to mention that big plans were in store, using his trademark #KnowingSmile

Though it’s unknown how long each arc for each writer will be, we do know that Ian is set to write the next spin-off mini-series for IDW, Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys.

Whatever happened to Dr. Starline, former evil assistant and life-long fanboy to Dr. Eggman? The answer: The shadowy scientist is back to his evil antics… and what better place to concoct new nefarious plans than one of Eggman’s abandoned bases? With badniks guarding the entrance, Dr. Starline must recruit some familiar and not-so-friendly faces for help!

As the two have worked together in the past, it’ll be exciting to see where this will all lead, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Also, a quick note for those who may have missed it. Originally IDW was planning on having a Wondercon exclusive cover for Issue 27 of Sonic. With the cancellation of the event, the publisher has put up the variant cover on their website, so if you want to order one for yourself, go ahead and click here.

[Source: IDW Publishing]

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