E3 2014: Sonic Boom: The TV Series Trailer

Do you like the humor in Sonic Boom, but you don’t want any of that “having to put effort into playing a game” stuff? Well, this new trailer for the tv show shows off plenty of that. While part of this trailer was already seen in the first trailer, it does show plenty of new plot and funny jokes from seemingly the first episode.

It also has Eggman standing on a tiny hoverboard. Yes, Eggman on a tiny hoverboard.

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    Amy juggling.

    That is all.

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    Here’s an idea. Let’s NOT let anyone hear Amy speak. Yeah. We’ll keep some fans that way.


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      I’ve heard a bit of Amy’s new voice, and to my shock, she doesn’t sound like Minnie Mouse anymore. Finally, a female character in a kids game that doesn’t sound like a whoopie cushion filled with helium. Better let this miracle go to waste and not let her speak because Mr. Emo Avatar used an incredibly witty zinger of a quote. “GoodIdeaMan.” Is that what you named the pinecone up your ass?

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        Agreed, from the snippets I’ve heard, her voice is MUCH better now. That Minnie Mouse voice she had was just dreadful.

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    All of my yes is going into Sonic Boom as a whole.

    Okay not the toys, I can live without those.

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    The games don’t look all that great, but I’m actually kinda excited for the cartoon. It looks really entertaining. It’s a complete reversal of what my opinion was before from the older trailers.

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    I am so excited for this show now, and I was already very much looking forward to it before hand. It looks like it’s taken all the best elements of past Sonic ventures on the TV screen and successfully melded them into a new, refreshing, and above all entertaining show with some stronger ties to the games for added seasoning. Huzzah!

    Eggman’s last line in that trailer just kills me.

    …eeeeeeevil ham…

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    @GeneHF lol I noticed that too!

    Anyway looks better than the games which is saying much because I’m more of a gamer than a coutch potato!

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    I have mixed feelings about this…

    Well, at least it won’t replace the current sonic line.

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    I’ve been pretty optimistic about the games but as for the TV show I wasn’t all that bothered about it until I saw this trailer, I’ll give it a chance 🙂

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