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Sonic Adventure 2 Achievements Revealed

Ever wanted to shamelessly show off to everyone just how awesome you are at Sonic Adventure 2 but, outside of pictures or maybe videos, never could? Luckily, the modern day way of showing off your e-richard has you covered.

While there aren’t any outrageous undertakings to note like raising up the ever difficult (and horrifically time consuming) to obtain “God Chao” or proceeding through Hero and Last Story without ever getting Knuckles’ air mask (which no doubt some of you have done on pure accident), the worst the game offers the player is to complete every mission with an A Rank.

It’s all fun and games until you need to not hit cars or walls in a glorified rocket powered shopping trolley.

The list is as follows:

HELLO WORLD – Hello, rookie, welcome to the Sonic World! (Start the Game)

CHAO! – Welcome to the Chao World!

CHAO RAISER – Time to raise your Chao. (Raise an adult Chao)

HERO! – You have cleared our HERO story.

DARK! – You have cleared our DARK story.

BOSS ATTACK – Your skill is top notch! (Clear Boss Attack Modes)

MISSION COMPLETE – Now you are the master of this stage. (Clear a mission with an A Rank)

HEAVEN OR HELL – You have successfully unlocked the HERO and DARK gardens.

BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL – My hero, you have successfully saved the world! (Beat Last Story)

SPEEDY RACER – Excellent driving skills! (Clear all Race Car mode tracks)

EMBLEM COLLECTOR –  Halfway to go! (Get 90 Emblems)

YOU ARE THE LEGEND – You are the Sonic expert now! (Obtain All A Ranks)

Most of the accolades to be obtained are fairly standard procedure otherwise and require nothing more than just playing through the game. Curiously, nothing is mentioned in terms of multiplayer areas, though if Sonic Adventure’s DLC of DX content is any sign in how it brought in its own set for Metal Sonic and missons, it’s possible that the Battle content DLC may bring its own surprises. Might we suggest one that involves the player in the lead skipping every checkpoint for speed segments? Aptly titled “You’re Not Even Good Enough to Be My–I’LL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS–Fake”?

[Source: exophase]

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  • Reply

    You get a Trophy for… starting the game? Dafuq-

    • Reply

      Yeah, it’s pretty silly. But this is hardly even the first game to do that. Persona 4 Arena has a Trophy/Achievement for exactly the same thing: you get it the moment you hit the title screen for the first time. It’s silly, but hey, at least it’s not annoying time-consuming to do while being no challenge at all. Those are the REALLY bad Achievements.

    • Reply

      See also: Final Fantasy 7 PC’s achievements. And the button you can press to instantly achieve some of them! Which makes them… not really an achievement at all.

    • Reply

      It’s market research so they can see how many people who buy it actually play it.

  • Reply

    I think the last emblem is for collecting all 180 emblems and not just clearing all missions A rank!

    Anyway I was gonna work on getting all 180 emblems for the 6th time anyway

  • Reply

    Back in my day we had unlockables. Now we got achievables? Very undesirable.

  • Reply

    And here I was thinking there would be achievements like:

    “Board down City Escape without hitting cars or walls!”


    “Clear City Escape without jumping!”

    to make the player have to find a new way to traverse old ground. (I don’t know if you can actually do that, so say something like “only jump X times”, to make the player look for ramps to hit at high enough speed or something.)

    or something unique like that. It seems as though getting these achievements would all be things that we’d be doing anyways. Can’t they come up with something that we’d have to put effort towards?

    • Reply

      You are asking that Sega and Sonic Team give the Rockman 09: Revival of Ambition! treatment to Sonic Adventure 02, in terms of Trophies and Achievements, of which I honestly approve of;
      The one trouble here with that concept is that this remake is not being done by the complete original team, so opportunities such as this are missed, as the modern day team does have its limitations on inputting extra material.

      If only deadlines hadn’t ever been created…. 🙁

  • Reply

    In the kart game’s defense, the karts themselves look pretty cool. But yeah, that part’s gameplay is awful.

  • Reply

    …Knuckles has an air mask?

  • Reply

    Yeah, I always did that. Skipped right over those checkpoints, because I always played against a bunch of cheating crybabies.
    But then I always died, too.

  • Reply

    My first run of SA2 was done without Knuckles’ air mask because I didn’t know it existed. Cannon’s Core was an absolute hell because of it and it is the only thing that stopped me from finishing the game inside a week. I don’t recommend this approach.

  • Reply

    I have to say. Starting the game must be very difficult if it is that… easy to get an achievement.. wondering what the avatar award will be if you. Either that or… YOU BOUGHT THIS GAME YOU HAVE ACHIEVED GREATNESS. It’s stupid to see them do somthing like that. but oh well. The DLC better have somthing worthwhile added to it.

  • Reply

    And another comment. At least it is not like…. Knuckles is your friend now you get an acheivement. About half of the achievements in sonic adventure can be unlocked by just playing the story which isn’t that hard at all

  • Reply

    Am I the only one around here who got the Beyond Good and Evil pun!? That game was awesome

    • Reply

      How about that heaven or hell guilty gear is amazing

  • Reply

    This is almost as bad as the Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles achievements which I got all in less than one day.

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