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Spark the Electric Jester Releases on Steam

With the pagies in cagies and Umbra Witches returning from slumber, today’s releases on Steam includes a platformer from the development team behind Sonic fan games such as Sonic After the Sequel.
After a successful kickstarter campaign and given the green light on Steam, Spark the Electric Jester comes out on Steam reliving the glory days of 16-bit platformers fusing together gameplay elements of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Kirby series. Spark comes with dozens of Steam features including trading cards, achievements and Steam cloud support.

Spark the electric jester is an action/platformer video game heavily based on best classics from the 16-bit era from both sides of the aisle.
You play as Spark, an electric jester frustrated by the loss of his job! On one beautiful day, robots decided to take over the world. Seeing as Spark’s job was taken by a robot, he decided this was the perfect opportunity for his revenge! Spark will have to travel through the world and be engulfed in high-speed thrills and tons of action against the robots and the one who has taken his job.

Check out the Steam sale page for the game here. Heck, buy copies for your friends and support your community! I’d say Spark deserves as much spotlight as games like Sonic Mania, Freedom Planet and Major Magnet.
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Sonic Adventure 2 Achievements Revealed

Ever wanted to shamelessly show off to everyone just how awesome you are at Sonic Adventure 2 but, outside of pictures or maybe videos, never could? Luckily, the modern day way of showing off your e-richard has you covered.

While there aren’t any outrageous undertakings to note like raising up the ever difficult (and horrifically time consuming) to obtain “God Chao” or proceeding through Hero and Last Story without ever getting Knuckles’ air mask (which no doubt some of you have done on pure accident), the worst the game offers the player is to complete every mission with an A Rank.

It’s all fun and games until you need to not hit cars or walls in a glorified rocket powered shopping trolley.

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Sonic The Hedgehog CD Achievements Revealed

Next month, the re-release of Sonic the Hedgehog CD will be in our digital hands. Available for just about everything (except for Nintendo users…yes, we understand your pain), this will certainly be the definitive release of the game. A choice of soundtracks, unlockable “Tails,”…how could you not want it? I know we’ll have plenty of time to gush over Christian Whitehead once it’s released, so for right now we just have to settle for what the Internet has given us today: courtesy of, we now are able to see just what is in store to get that perfect gamer score. If you want to stay in the dark as to what the achievements are, turn back now.

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First Look At Some Of Sonic Generations’ Achievements

Achievements. The little things that pop up with a nice little sound effect that let you know you may or may not have done something really cool in a game and are awarded with Gamerscore or a Trophy. They’re also notorious for leaking some of the story elements of a game just from descriptions alone, causing some headaches for developers when the lists leak out a wee bit early.

It goes without saying that the 360 and PS3 versions of Generations were going to be packing these in some form, giving teasing glimpses at what challenges Sega is chucking at its players. Thanks to Xbox360Achievements, we now have a small peek at some of these and a surprise in that most of the achievements are completely hidden from viewing.

Well, almost completely. Above are the icons for the 27 secret achievements the game is packing, giving little glimpses to certain currently unrevealed bosses and stages. It even packs a small teaser or two regarding the status of two fan-favorite super powered golden hedgehogs.

While those will remain mysterious for now, we do have a small list, found below, of some of the more basic achievements players will be able to challenge.

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Sonic 4 Achievements Revealed; Super Sonic Confirmed

French website Succes Full has allegedly obtained 12 of the available achievements for Episode 1 of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Among the facts confirmed about the game include the presence of E.G.G. Station in the first episode, the existence of leaderboards for both  time and score in levels, and the presence of Super Sonic playable in levels, akin to Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

The full list of achievements is available below:

The Story Begins

Crush Dr. Eggman
Defeat a boss for the first time. (5)

The First Chaos Emerald
Acquire a Chaos Emerald. (5)

Enemy Hunter
Defeat 1,000 enemies. (10)

Golden Flash
Clear all Acts as Super Sonic. (10)

All Stages Cleared!
Defeat the final boss and view the ending. (10)

Upload your recorded scores and clear times for all stages. (10)

Ring Collector
Collect all the Rings in ‘Special Stage 1′ and Clear the stage. (15)

Build up 99 or more extra lives. (25)

Super Sonic Genesis
Acquire all seven Chaos Emeralds. (30)

Speed’s My Game
Clear SPLASH HILL ZONE ACT 1 in less than a minute. (35)

Clear the E.G.G. STATION ZONE without taking any damage. (40)

In light of this news, it goes without saying that a lot more fans are likely to be excited for this game. This is the first time since Sonic 3 that Super Sonic has been a fully playable character in normal levels, excluding outings such as Sonic R. Will this start a positive new trend of blasting through levels at breakneck speeds with the ring counter ticking down menacingly? Only time will tell. One thing we can say is this, though–shit just got real.