Here’s A Musical Present From Us to You

Sonic is 21 today and as we’ve already seen, he’s wasted very little time in letting the world know it. And while Sonic’s fans may be a very divergent group of varying ages, opinions and levels of sanity, we can all agree on one thing: the music for the games is usually quite good, if not the strongest point across the series.

With that, to celebrate Sonic’s 21st Birthday and to give you an exciting inside look at how video game music is developed gradually, Sonic Retro is proud to bring you not one but two tasty delicacies of Sonic Heroes prototype soundtracks.

Both soundtracks contain songs in development, including the demo track of Crush 40’sWhat I’m Made Of,” pure synth versions of Ocean Palace‘s stage, and a completely different Lost Jungle track among others.

I’m sure you’re all just itching to grab these soundtracks, so let’s cut to the chase. You can grab the soundtracks here for an early Xbox proto, and here for the Oct. 8, 2003 proto.

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  • Reply

    Heroes? Feels more like coal in my stocking…

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    Wow, stop complaining and enjoy the music.

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    There is one song that really stands out from the original (besides the Demo) and it’s the Bingo Highway Multiplayer track from the proto. I like it more but than again I never liked the original. Thanks for these!

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    Well I already had this soundtrack, but a present is a present.
    Sonic music is always good, no matter how shitty the game is. (I am looking at you 06)

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    While it’s titled “Lost Swamp”, Lost Jungle actually isn’t very different from the final product. Casino Park, on the other hand…

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    Boy am I enjoying this Ocean Palace much more than the Senoue version.

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    I’m enjoying a good deal of these beta originals more than the final versions. The special stages, Hang Castle, and Ocean Palace are really standing out for their unique styles and instrumentation. THAT’s how they should have gone in Generations!

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    The most soul-crushing statement this tablet could ever say to me? “Safari cannot download this file.”

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    Holy mole, Ocean Palace and Bingo Highway are really nice. Thy hold up to the originals in quality. Wish we got one of these instead of Casino Park on the OST.

    Still, it’s nice. Thank you Sonic Retro.

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