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Sega Vintage Collection Redux

 This week, Sega has released more from their vintage library for the modern consoles with the return of their Sega Vintage Collection line. Xbox 360 owners can invest in the game packs for 800 Microsoft Points, or individually on Playstation 3 for $5 each. These collections offers a variety of Master System, Mega Drive/Genesis and Arcade titles this time around, which also includes the release of Monster World IV which was released previously for the Nintendo Wii, now for next generation consoles.

These collections are significant, besides the fact that the Xbox Live Arcade releases come in packs of three, they’re being handled by M2 as opposed to Digital Eclipse/Backbone. Which also means a number of features that are actually interesting, which involve sound tests as well as leaderboards for the “Trial” mini games based around core sections of each game, replay modes that allow you to record and share your gameplay, and online multiplayer for supported titles. In addition, Super Hang-On features a 3D mode for 3D-enabled televisions. These packs include Alex Kidd & Co. and Monster World Collection this week. Next week will see the release of the Golden Axe Collection and the Streets of Rage Collection. Hit the jump for the complete list of games as well as screenshots.

Alex Kidd & Co.
Alex Kidd in Miracle World [Sega Master System]
The Revenge of Shinobi [Sega Mega Drive/Genesis]
Super Hang-On [Arcade]

Monster World Collection
Wonder Boy in Monster Land [Arcade]
Wonder Boy in Monster World [Sega Mega Drive/Genesis]
Monster World IV [Sega Mega Drive/Genesis]

Golden Axe Collection
Golden Axe [Arcade]
Golden Axe II [Sega Mega Drive/Genesis]
Golden Axe III [Sega Mega Drive/Genesis]

Streets of Rage Collection
Streets of Rage [Sega Mega Drive/Genesis]
Streets of Rage II [Sega Mega Drive/Genesis]
Streets of Rage III [Sega Mega Drive/Genesis]

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  • Reply

    Hmm…I’m wondering if we are getting Bare Knuckle 3 simply based on one of the achievement descriptions for the Streets of Rage Collection.

  • Reply


    Honest to god EFFORT!

    This is what happens when you get someone more competent than BACKBONE doing your emulated collections.

  • Reply

    Once again Sega release there old 16-bit games and leaves the fans of the GBA Sonic Games hanging. While I have nothing against collection’s. I’m getting tired of having to lug around to systems to play Sonic Advance. I think the next collection should be of all there GBA games for almost all of the ones they maid and make it for all handhelds. Just saying considering all of the ways you can own all of these games already.

    • Reply

      Get a PSP or iPhone/iPod and hack/jailbreak them. Get emulators on them to get your Sonic Advance fix! Wish you could do the same for the DS, specifically for the Sonic Rush series.

  • Reply

    That list of games we seen being leaked a while back seems a little bit more credible wouldn’t you say.
    Chance for SA2 re release is Increasing .

  • Reply

    I’m glad to see SEGA are putting some more work on their ports and emulation now, complaints have finally paid off!

  • Reply

    SEGA AGES 2500 entire collection as well!!!
    I really yearn for Phantasy Star generation:1&2!!!

  • Reply

    I wonder does this mean that we PSN users may get a sonic 3 & knuckles game in the near future since we already have sonic 1, 2, cd and 2 episodes of 4.

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