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May 22, 2012


Sonic Merchandise Coming Soon to U.S., Canada

Although our classy friends over in Europe have been able to enjoy having a one-stop online shop to buy all sorts of goods with Sonic’s face plastered all over for some time now, those of us in the United States and Canada will soon have the same convenience.

Quietly buried in a tweet on the site’s official Twitter account, the site is now accepting those interested in the impending North American launch of the site to register for updates and exclusive benefits for when the site goes live. One such benefit includes a Reward Point system where every 100 points earned allows registered customers to save money on future purchases, a benefit enjoyed by European members currently.

To give a good idea of what you can expect the store to carry, the Great Britain counterpart allows fans to purchase Sonic-themed clothes, school supplies, iPhone cases, DVDs, and toys.