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Michael Jackson Involvement with Sonic 3 Confirmed

Often speculated and argued, Michael Jackson’s involvement with Sonic 3 has finally been confirmed by way of composer Brad Buxer in an interview by Black and White magazine.

B&W: Can you clarify the rumor that Michael had in 1993 composed the music for Sonic 3 video game, for which you havel been credited?

Buxer: I’ve never played the game so I do not know what tracks on which Michael and I have worked the developers have kept, but we did compose music for the game. Michael called me at the time for help on this project, and that’s what I did.
And if he is not credited for composing the music, it’s because he was not happy with the result sound coming out of the console. At the time, game consoles did not allow an optimal sound reproduction, and Michael found it frustrating. He did not want to be associated with a product that devalued his music…

B&W: One of the surprising things in this soundtrack is that you can hear the chords from Stranger in Moscow, which is supposed to have been composed later…

Buxer: Yes, Michael and I had composed those chords for the game, and it has been used as base for Stranger in Moscow. […]

For more discussion and speculation, check out the topic on the forums here.


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    Groovy. It’s cool that it is finally confirmed and the believers are vindicated… rather than flamed.

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    Wow, that pretty cool! I never even heard about this possible involvment ever, so this is nice to know he did some of the songs for sonic 3.

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    I love the songs in this game, they sounded good and from a musician’s point of view they were all layered well. I use alot of these as my ringtones. The late King of Pop really had an ear for music. Such talent.

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    Yeah, Sonic seems to have several deep ties to Micheal Jackson. Did you know that the buckles on Sonic’s shoes were inspired by the buckles on Micheal’s boots? xD

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    When a man walks in expecting a Hi-Fi studio, only to find a 1980’s chip.

    Or better put, perfectionism gone too far.

    We’ve learned an already obvious fact here, this man sure as hell is dedicated to his music.

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    I can’t belive Brad Buxer finally confirmed MJ’s Involvement in Sonic 3. Now all we need Yuji Naka’s confirmation

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