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Sonic 1 Hits PlayStation Store For Everyone

Add one more to the number of ports this game has.

While people enrolled in PlayStation Plus have had the game (for free) for over a month, the game has now been deemed worthy of release to the lowly free peons of the PSN in exchange for $4.99 out of your PlayStation Wallet.

What will you find? Just Sonic 1 as you remember it, only now with a new menu system that prevents using the level select code but allows for savestates to be made at the player’s leisure.

In other words, it’s a port of the Xbox Live Arcade “Sega Vintage Collection” port of Sonic 1, with all the pluses and minuses (moreso minuses) well intact.

If you’re visiting this site, you’ve likely played this game in some sort of capacity. This one’s purely for the diehards who want Sonic 1 on every system they own (legally) or for those who somehow missed on the multiple other ports of the game. May I suggest just picking Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection instead?

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Sonic the Hedgehog Released for Android in Japan

Coming on the heels of 2009’s Sonic the Hedgehog release for the iPhone, Sega has released a version of the same game for Android phones in Japan. This version features an emulator and ROM combination, as opposed to a port, and somewhat accurately emulates the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive. The game retails for ¥700 and can be purchased from Android Market, au one market or Gゲ.

No announcement has been made as to whether the game will be released on the Android platform in other regions yet.

For more information, see the official site for the Android release.

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Sonic Goes Monochrome in “Project Egg and Watch”

We’ve seen all sorts of Sonic games made all over the place here on Sonic Retro,  like the Mega Drive, the Game Gear, and even the odd PC game. But what about Game and Watch style?

While this isn’t Sonic’s first time in monochromatic beep-booping action, forum member Elratauru has created a little game that has Sonic facing off against the ever familiar Egg Ball boss of Green Hill Zone as well as the Egg Fire from Marble Zone.

You can check it out over at For discussion about the game, hit up the forum link here.

Are you tough enough to handle the higher difficulties?

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Sega Games Go Cheap on Apple App Store

Missed the discounts on some games for your iDevice or you just haven’t gotten around to jail breaking it? Sega wants to ease the hit on the wallet with some permanent price drops on their stuff on the App Store.

Keeping the site relevant info first, a trio of Sonic games are part of the deal with Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 both reduced to $4.99 and Sonic 4: Episode 1 down to $7.99.

The rest of the drops are down below.

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Fan Works

Sonic the Hedgehog Mosaic

This is a neat one. Forum member Neo Hazard made this way past cool mosaic of the classic Sonic title screen after two hours of work and over 495 individual gameplay screenshots from the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive:

Check out the full-sized image in the forum topic.