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SEGA Reveals PAX Prime Line-Up and Will Attend Gamescom After All

With Gamescom and PAX Prime nearing more news about what will be shown at the events starts trickling in. Like SEGA has officially announced the games they’ll be showing at PAX, which includes the Sonic Adventure 2 re-release, Phantasy Star Online 2, The Cave, an unannounced digital title (which is a new IP) and more. Here is their full line-up:

SEGA will showcase their games at booths 242 and 252 at PAX in Seattle, Washington, from August 31 through September 2, 2012. SEGA also confirmed along with THQ that they’ll be showing their games at Gamescom, which is in Germany, Cologne from August 15th through August 19th, even though both previously said that they won’t be at attending the event. Their games will be shown at the Koch Media and Saturn stands. Also, according to El33tonline SEGA will hold a press conference on August 16th at Gamescom, though it isn’t listed with the rest of the press dates so whether or not the conference will actually happen isn’t certain.

[Sources: SEGA Blog, MCV and El33tonline]

Game News

NiGHTS Appears as a Vehicle in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

NiGHTS Into Dreams getting a re-release isn’t the only NiGHTS-related news this week. SEGA revealed at Summer of Sonic that NiGHTS and Reala will both be playable in vehicle form in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. NiGHTS also appeared in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, but only as the flagman. Like all the other vehicles in the game they’ll transform into a plane when in the air and into a boat when in the water. A Nightopian can be seen driving NiGHTS and a Nightmaren is driving Reala.

The game will also feature a NiGHTS stage, one that goes through Spring Valley, Gilwings Lair and Wizeman’s boss arena. Both flying sections and water sections were shown. Gameplay footage can be seen here at this link beginning at 1:17:40. This post will be updated with a higher quality video when it is available.

[Source: SEGAbits]

Game News

Sega Announces Digital Rerelease of the Original NiGHTS Into Dreams

Things haven’t been that great over at Sega headquarters. With the news of Sega of Europe’s restructuring, not to mention that the west is to see less and less boxed titles on store shelves, the company isn’t exactly instilling confidence in the SEGA faithful. It only makes sense that the company, who has announced their focus on digitally distributed titles, is looking into their back catalog to release gems from a long-ago era to try and make a quick dollar to keep the company going. Even with their current strife, it is hard to argue that Sega hasn’t made some fantastic games over the course of their history. With the recent Sega Vintage Collection packs and the forthcoming Jet Set Radio rerelease, Sega has certainly been putting in the extra effort on presenting their classic titles, something which for years always seemed to be lackluster cash grabs instead of products the public would actually want to repurchase.

While SEGA’s more well-known titles on the Mega Drive and Dreamcast have been enjoying the digital spotlight, there has been one game system that has always gotten the shaft, simply because of its unique architecture making it hard to emulate or port code. That representation in the digital market, however, is finally to happen – at least for what many consider to be the Sega Saturn‘s crowning jewel: Sonic Team’s classic NiGHTS Into Dreams.

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