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Sonic Amateur Games Expo Delayed Until Spring

Right, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here goes.
You might have noticed that the forum thread of the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) on our forums was suddenly locked a few days ago. Well, that’s because the event, which was originally going to be held from December 18th through December 24th, has had to be delayed until Spring of next year.
This is because the SAGE staff decided that, instead of putting on a mediocre show with key members of the team missing, the best choice was to postpone the event until Spring, to give the community the best SAGE has to offer.
If you’ve been working your ass off to get your game entry ready before the original deadline (which was tomorrow), we get it if you’re angry about this announcement being so late. This really should have been announced sooner.
The Really Amateur Games Expo (RAGE) has also been delayed, but only until early January. While we don’t know the exact dates for either of the events yet, you can still read the guidelines for them in the thread on our forums.

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    I can hear so much swearing right now from all the stress of making a game. It wasn’t until recently the idea to delay came down as everyone tried behind the scenes to keep it on rails. But at the least, take a load off for now, drink your preferred holiday beverage, and then refine what you have.
    If you’re like me, chances are what you slapped together quickly is ugly and not working right. It’s a cruel mistress.

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    Most likely this change of schedule is several blessings that are not even very much in disguise! Many of the projects that we know of and some that perhaps are still behind scenes only, are very suitable for a special 25th anniversary year springtime expo!! It will be very worth waiting!

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    This delay is good, so we can have a Sonic & Tails instead of a Sonic 4 Remastered.
    (Bluecore references are kewl!)

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    Unfortunate that this effectively means there isn’t a SAGE 2015, but at the end of the day, this is probably for the best. As someone involved with NCFC, a similar Nintendo fangame event, I have to say from experience that dating the event too close to a “family holiday” like the week Thanksgiving or Christmas is very likely to cause participation to drop. (and I said as much when I first heard the December date.)
    Hopefully I’ll be able to set the free time to take part in the Spring one. I wonder what I can prepare for it?

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    A 2015 convention delayed to 2016 ? Quite funny.

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