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October 2010

Game News

Sonic Colours DS Demo on Euro Nintendo Channel

Sure, it’s not the Wii version people want to get their grubby mits on, but it’s still worth a play.

Nothing too special here: just download and run the Nintendo Channel (you’ll be fine, those of you who run homebrew enabled Wii systems) hit up the DS Download Service and download it.

The demo gives players the chance to play through the DS version of Tropical Resort Zone, feeling like a slightly slowed down Sonic Rush sequel. Sonic also has access to Wisp powers, including the burst power, allowing him to turn into an exploding fireball of death to reach new heights in the stages.

It’s likely the demo will soon make its way to the American Nintendo Channel, sans titular “u.” For now, glare at the Europeans or download the ripped demo file, slap it on your favorite DS game playing device and sound off in the comments.

Game News

Joint World Exclusive: The New Sonic and Tails Speak!

Ever since the announcement of the Sonic series’ new voice actors for Sonic Colo(u)rs, people have been speculating on the performance of the new voice actors–specifically, Roger Craig Smith and Kate Higgins, the voice of Sonic and Tails, respectively. Though we’ve heard a bit of Smith via his work with the Alton Towers Sonic Spinball ride and Sonic Room, there hasn’t been a lot to indicate where either actor was going with their interpretations of Sega’s famous characters.

So, it only seems right that we give you a taste.

This video shows off the new performances but gives you a look at the story of Sonic Colo(u)rs (as a joint community exclusive for the “Big Three”: Sonic Wrecks, Sonic Stadium and ourselves) and was specially approved by SOJ and Sonic Team for us to reveal, so our thanks to them for helping to support us. This particular clip is the fourth cutscene from the game, so it’s pretty much a given that this may be a spoiler.

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Fan Works, Music

Jam Jam Here Comes The “Fresh Prince of Megamix”

So we here at Sonic Retro can’t help but listen to the jams. Sure, half the time it’s to Michael Jackson’s JAM, but the other half? Why, it’s to the one, the only, Will Smith (who surely created Sonic the Hedgehog in a parallel universe).

Though we’re all still waiting for the latest version of Sonic Megamix to hit the digital airwaves (and the bootlegged shores of Russia), Retro member RGamer2009 has created the musical symphony known only as “Fresh Prince of Megamix.” Taking the music from “Starry Night Zone” (which you can still drool over here) and mixing it with the greatest song ever made…well, you just have to listen. And listen you shall!

Is this how the people of Retro live like? Hmm…this might be alright.

Fan Works

Hidden Palace Zone Papercraft is All Kinds of Awesome

When new Sonic Retro forum member Strap started collecting the Jazware Sonic figurine line, he realized he needed some sort of backdrop to show his figures on. Deciding that the Sega Green Hill Zone papercraft was not quite fancy enough, he collaborated with his friend to make a papercraft based on Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic & Knuckles:

Granted, the emerald colors aren’t quite right for Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but in this case, that should be more than forgivable. To make this papercraft yourself, grab a copy of the images and bust out your scissors and folding abilities. 11×17 cardstock is recommended for the best result, as seen in the picture.

Game News

What a review is supposed to be.

“Breathe easy, Sonic fans. SEGA got this one right.”

This is a quote from IGN’s review of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. An interesting statement considering there’s a pretty large portion of the fan base that would beg to disagree. I myself held my breath for the most part until the game was finally released and I didn’t feel like “SEGA got this one right” personally. Then comes one of my favorite gaming blogs online: Joystiq.

Joystiq took a different approach reviewing the game compared to IGN or 1up. That approach of course is being objective and properly criticizing the game while acknowledging what few things may make it enjoyable. I highly recommend reading the full review to get a nice understanding of what Sonic 4 is actually like to play. Writer Ludwig Kietzmann goes over some very interesting criticism of the game including the infamous physics (or lack-thereof) and inconsistencies in level design. At the same time, they praise Sonic Team (and Dimps) for attempting some colorful originality in parts of the levels and the fact that they aren’t quite as “hold right to win” as some previous Sonic outings. Though, they are careful to note they don’t quite hold up to the complexity as levels like Oil Ocean Zone from Sonic 2.


Sundays With Scratch & Grounder: Touching!

Hey, dummies!  We’re back!  We weren’t allowed on Retro until Scratch went to Racial Sensitivity Training.  He’s all good now.

Ba-ha-ha-ha!  I love all people!


Game News

Casino Street Act 2 Changes Revealed

A new video of Casino Street Act 2 in Sonic 4 surfaced today as an exclusive for SEGA Online. The changes featured paint the game–or at least this new layout–in a very different light than the material that’s been revealed for the game so far. Take a look!

In addition to a brand new layout and a clean look at how the new card gimmick plays a part in the level, Act 2 of Casino Street sports a brand new, far catchier tune and gives us a good listen to the new World Map and Super Sonic jingles. It seems the delay of the game was for a good reason after all; had it continued on this path, it’s a pretty good bet that complaints of a lack of original content in the game could been alleviated entirely. I’m pretty impressed by what I see!

With original ideas and positive changes like this, it’s possible–maybe even likely–that Episode 2 will offer a radically different experience than its predecessor. Good stuff. Right on, SEGA.


Sonic Colors Wallpaper: The WMP Visualization

UPDATE: It’s up!

Our good friends at SEGA provided us with some exclusive Sonic Colors wallpaper for you guys to download yesterday.  It’s a slick background.  It doesn’t end there, though.  Comments by Retro member Solaris Paradox and staffer Gene inspired member angryzor to create this visualization for Windows Media Player.

  • Solaris Paradox: “Looks like a bitchin’ Media Player visualization effect. =V …No, seriously.”
  • Gene: “If anyone is feeling ambitious enough to work on it as a visualizer, by all means.”
  • angryzor: “You shouldn’t say such things, it makes idiots like me waste their evening.”

This visualization, according to angryzor, is in its Alpha stage.  We want to download this when it’s done!

Game News, Miscellaneous

Exclusive: New Sonic Colours Wallpaper

If you’ve been looking for a way to express your anticipation for Sonic Colours and are looking for some desktop wallpaper a little less cluttered than the fanmade images floating around, check out these classy backgrounds, courtesy of Sega. At 1920 x 1200, they should look nice on any widescreen and/or high resolution monitor.

We’ve included both the U.S. and European versions of the paper for Americans and/or those with inconsolable spelling issues.