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October 10, 2010

Game News

Casino Street Act 2 Changes Revealed

A new video of Casino Street Act 2 in Sonic 4 surfaced today as an exclusive for SEGA Online. The changes featured paint the game–or at least this new layout–in a very different light than the material that’s been revealed for the game so far. Take a look!

In addition to a brand new layout and a clean look at how the new card gimmick plays a part in the level, Act 2 of Casino Street sports a brand new, far catchier tune and gives us a good listen to the new World Map and Super Sonic jingles. It seems the delay of the game was for a good reason after all; had it continued on this path, it’s a pretty good bet that complaints of a lack of original content in the game could been alleviated entirely. I’m pretty impressed by what I see!

With original ideas and positive changes like this, it’s possible–maybe even likely–that Episode 2 will offer a radically different experience than its predecessor. Good stuff. Right on, SEGA.