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October 31, 2010

Game News

Sonic Colours DS Demo on Euro Nintendo Channel

Sure, it’s not the Wii version people want to get their grubby mits on, but it’s still worth a play.

Nothing too special here: just download and run the Nintendo Channel (you’ll be fine, those of you who run homebrew enabled Wii systems) hit up the DS Download Service and download it.

The demo gives players the chance to play through the DS version of Tropical Resort Zone, feeling like a slightly slowed down Sonic Rush sequel. Sonic also has access to Wisp powers, including the burst power, allowing him to turn into an exploding fireball of death to reach new heights in the stages.

It’s likely the demo will soon make its way to the American Nintendo Channel, sans titular “u.” For now, glare at the Europeans or download the ripped demo file, slap it on your favorite DS game playing device and sound off in the comments.