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SAGE 2010 is finally here!

Sure, we may be two hours late on the news, but anyone who is anyone should be fully aware of the fact that the Internet’s premier fan-game expo has started once again. Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE for the hipster 90’s crowd) has officially opened its doors, and is expected to once again be a rousing success. Already the chat is poppin’, the tunes are jammin’, and the games…oh man, the games. You have seen the games, haven’t you?


Wrong answer. Be sure to click right here to be transported to a magical land full of gaming wonder. Even though there are plenty of hidden goodies in the site, a special note must be made of our very own Cinossu and his Sonic the Hedgehog 1 @ SAGE 2010, which is also the very first game to use his brand-spankin’ new “Retro Channel.” Want to know more? Then go to SAGE to find out. Just a heads up: be sure you have a Sonic Retro forum account before getting too far.

And if you think that’s all, you’ve got another thing coming. Be sure to stick around for the intense contests, including the Eggman Voice-Off with Mike Pollock on Wednesday. And guest chats? Heck, who wouldn’t want to log on to #sagexpo and speak to the one, the only Corey Bringas! For me, he will always be Tails. Be sure to check the official SAGE site for the exact times of these events, and more. Because you don’t want to miss out.

Once again, be sure to check out SAGE 2010 and celebrate a decade of fangaming goodness. You know Simon Wai would tell you to.

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    OH MY GOD! S1S is friggin’ awesome, tho, as i have seen, is making a Retro Channel Peripheral one of your plans for the future?

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    Completely wonderful! There are some room for improvement here and there, but so far the package is really solid, I love the care put into achievements and the leaderboards. This game is what Sega should have done while re-releasing Sonic classics through online systems, it´s completely awesome.

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    SEGA seriously needs to see what the Tech Members have been doing with their hacks and learn a few pointers from them. :\ Maybe then, when they go to re-release games they won’t completely fail, or fail when they make new ones.

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    I really like how you guys did not leave out us Pending members from the fun. I Just can’t wait until the project is completed!

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    I find it funny that this con’s name is abbreviated to SAGE, considering some of the Sonic fandom thinks the franchise needs to be sage’d.

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