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May 17, 2010


Mercado Livre Roundup Part I: Go go pirated carts!

I completely, honestly, unironically love Mercado Livre so much. The site, which is Latin and South America’s answer to eBay, is available in several countries, but let’s be honest: when it comes to awesome merchandise, no one can top Brazil, the home of pão de queijo, Tec Toy and wonderful pirated things. This isn’t to say that we condone piracy, but really:

Who wouldn’t want to buy “Super 12 in 1”? I mean, c’mon! There’s Battletoads, Duck Tales, Pikachu and Sonic all on one Game Boy (surprisingly not “Game”) cart! In fact, most of the golden pirated Sonic games from Brazil aren’t from modern games (where the pirated material look s mostly identical to the real games) but from the Mega Drive era, where things just get downright silly.

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Joint-Exclusive: Sonic 4 Announcement This Week

So, after the leak issues that cropped up in April concerning Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sega has been eerily quiet concerning the state of the game–no website updates, no badnik reveals, maybe five official screenshots. This sort of worried us internally, trying to figure out what exactly the course of action was concerning the game.

Then we received a message, cryptically enough, from Sega stating “the reason for the last couple month’s blackouts on Sonic 4 updates will also begin to make sense.”

And apparently they will on Thursday, May 20th. Keep posted here at Retro and The Sonic Stadium to find out what this development entails.