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“Team Sonic Racing” Announced For Winter 2018

When looking to define what Sonic the Hedgehog is, many elements can spring to mind. The surreal landscapes, the boppin’ tunes, the cool blue ‘tude. But one of the core elements to the hedgehog’s persona? Speed. So it only makes sense that, over the years, the character has been put in a multitude of games that epitomizes what speed is: the racing genre.
At the end of 2018’s SXSW Sonic panel, the next new Sonic game was teased by SEGA. With some select sound effects and that all-too-familiar “R” logo, it was clear that another racing title was slated to hit stores in the not-too-distant future. As to what form that would be, the public at large was left in the dark until today, when the first proper teaser for Team Sonic Racing went live on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel:

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The Sonic Spinball / Sonic Room / ASR Sega Trip 2010

So then. =P As you all know by now, this last weekend myself, some people from other Sonic sites around the web (everything from TSS to NiD) and a lot of people from the press were hoarded onto a coach at Green Park in London and driven up the M1 to Alton Towers to promote the new Sonic Spinball ride that’s just been opened there, as well as a bit of tie-in promotion for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, out at the end of this month. This is basically a little diary of the trip, including a bunch of pictures, so here we go!

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