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“Team Sonic Racing” Announced For Winter 2018

When looking to define what Sonic the Hedgehog is, many elements can spring to mind. The surreal landscapes, the boppin’ tunes, the cool blue ‘tude. But one of the core elements to the hedgehog’s persona? Speed. So it only makes sense that, over the years, the character has been put in a multitude of games that epitomizes what speed is: the racing genre.
At the end of 2018’s SXSW Sonic panel, the next new Sonic game was teased by SEGA. With some select sound effects and that all-too-familiar “R” logo, it was clear that another racing title was slated to hit stores in the not-too-distant future. As to what form that would be, the public at large was left in the dark until today, when the first proper teaser for Team Sonic Racing went live on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel:

Alright, if you were paying attention to social media yesterday, you may have noticed that the game was revealed just a skosh earlier than it was meant to. Listed on, a handful of screenshots were attached which showed off the game’s look, plus some expected copy to get people interested in the project.
Working on the project once again is Sumo Digital, having been responsible for the two previous All Star Racing titles. Though no playable footage was shown off, it would be safe to assume that this game would play similar to the previous racers Sumo have developed for SEGA. This time around, it looks like the focus is solely on the Sonic franchise, with 15 playable characters on the roster. Who they are, and if there will be more that can be unlocked, is still unknown.
Being a kart racer, certain aspects have been confirmed which anyone would come to expect. Power ups? They’re back, though if you’re not a fan of wisps, you might not be happy as to what form they’re taking. Customization? Trick your car out, though I’d be surprised if you can put a “Gamer Hat” on the hood of your car. Race modes? Of course there’s race modes! Race alone or in a team, and see who can cross that finish line. And for the first time since the Riders games, there is promise of a story in the “Adventure Mode,” though what that entails is still very much in the world of speculation.
With Sumo behind the wheel (oh god I made that joke), at the very least it can be expected this game should be as solid as the racers that have come before. The lack of other SEGA properties does seem unusual, but there’s quite a while before the game is released, so we will surely get some more details before then. Team Sonic Racing is slated to come out this winter on all the expected platforms.

My only burning question: will Paul Rudd be playable?

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