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TGS 2011: Generations 3DS Trailer, U.S. Release Info

Tokyo Game Show is about to go down in Japan, but Nintendo yesterday held a TGS Kickoff conference which brought with it a trailer of the 3DS version of Sonic Generations giving viewers a chance to see Green Hill, Mushroom Hill, and the Special Stage in motion. Listen to that Sonic Heroes Special Stage remix.

Pictures released also include glimpses of Casino Night Zone, additionally confirming that players will be challenged by Metal Sonic in a race to the death within the neon lit gambling city, a change from the console version which features the race in its famous Sonic CD setting, Stardust Speedway’s Bad Future.

For Americans, Sega confirmed that the tentative retail date of Nov. 1 is when the PS3 and 360 versions of the game will be arriving for consumption. The fate of the Nintendo 3DS title isn’t so clear, as it has been given a more ambiguous release of Late 2011.

With signs that the game isn’t quite complete in the trailer itself–Modern Sonic’s Mushroom Hill is still using a recording of the original zone’s music from Sonic & Knuckles and fans have noted that Classic Sonic brings up homing attack reticules–this isn’t terribly surprising, but a positive sign that Sega and DIMPS are working to make the portable version of the game more than just a quick cash in version.

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Gamescom 2011 Superpost: Sonic Generations, Mario and Sonic 2012

Of course we didn’t forget about Gamescom currently going on in Germany, sporting new demos for all three versions of Sonic Generations as well as a new demo for Mario and Sonic’s latest (friendly) battle to the death.

Courtesy of forum member TimmiT, we have a few more details about changes in the games along with extra gameplay videos including a full run of Modern Sonic’s City Escape. With all the tasty morsels of media beginning to spill, we advise not watching the videos if you want to keep the gameplay unspoiled.

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Generations 3DS Brings Mushroom Hill, Reminder It Still Exists

With all the hullabaloo about Chemical Plant, Seaside Hill, Spagonia’s Rooftop Run and yet another return of Sonic 2’s Giant Robotnik mecha, it’s understandable that the hype levels for the console version of Sonic Generations are slowly inching toward critical levels.

But then there’s the forgotten black sheep, the 3DS version, pining for attention after a mostly dud performance and reception at this year’s E3. But as a reminder that it’s still alive and kicking and is begging for a home this November, Sega has revealed that 3DS owners will forgo scaling Sky Sanctuary’s heavenly heights in favor of stumping through Mushroom Hill’s seasonal segues.

In this case, Classic Sonic will run through the fungi forest in its Spring time prime while Modern Sonic tackles the level in its waning Autumn form, including an on-rail grinding section and giant flower propellers.

Check out the gallery for full shots of mushroom bouncing goodness.

[Via Sonic Stadium]

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