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SDCC 2011: A Fuzzy Sonic Figure You Can’t Have… Or Can You?

For those of you going to this year’s San Diego ComicCon, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up that blue statue on the right if you manage to stop by Toys R Us’ booth and pick up the SDCC exclusive figure.

So what the heck is so special about this figure from any other molded piece of plastic Sonic? Figure creator Jazwares is touting this as the world’s first ever “flocked deluxe” action figure, which means that parts of Sonic are covered in fiber materials to make it feel like plush fur on the blue spiky one.

Not all is lost for those that can’t make it to San Diego between July 21 and July 24. On the last day of the event, Toys R Us will be selling these figures via their website for action figure fans to swarm in and gobble up.

The figure stands at a height of 10 inches/254mm and can be posed as you see fit.


Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures: Sonic, Eggrobo, Others

TSS forumgoer SonnikuForever has grabbed some pictures from the Jazwares booth at the UK 2011 Toy Fair, showing off a new set of “Sonic Through Time” series of figures. Each of the figures in the series are representative of an era in Sonic history, from 1991 today. The above is a prototype of the “1991 Sonic” figure, and it looks pretty great, aside from the normal Jazwares SUPER JOINTS EVERYWHERE design.

Two other figure sets from the collection include a classic Eggman (er, “Dr. Ivo Robotnik”) design with two Eggrobos from the Sonic 3 & Knuckles era and Tails with what I’m insisting must be Dangerous Ball Tower (because clearly Jazwares loves obscure 8-bit game bosses.)  It could also possibly be a Sonic 4:Ep 2 badnik. Just saying. No announcement has been made yet as to when these figures will hit stores, but we’re guessing probably some time near the actual anniversary in June.

[via our Sega Network bros Sega Memories]