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“Songs for Sonic 2” Released for Sonic Relief Charity

Annual fundraiser Sonic Relief, which raises money for the UK charity Comic Relief, has raised nearly £600 in a month’s time–a huge jump over last year’s £375. In order to give the fundraising group an even bigger boost, Sonic remixers Mr. Stream and RadioSEGA‘s GavvieUK (aka Living Sedative) have teamed up to produce Sonic for Sonic 2, an album of Sonic-themed remixes.The first half is handled by Living Sedative and the second by Mr. Stream.

The suggested donation for download is £2 (roughly USD $3.25), though an additional amount can be donated if you want. The proceeds from the sales will be donated towards Sonic Relief. The fundraiser runs through March 19, so be sure to grab a copy of the album before then.

You can follow Sonic Relief’s progress at @sonicreliefuk. Best of luck to Doctor MK and everyone involved!

Fan Works

Mega Drive Painted With Sonic Colors

UK:Resistance got a hold of some awesome photos yesterday.  A guy named “Porl” decided to up and paint one of his many Mega Drives and emblazon Sonic and his winged ring on it.  Look at the detail on this thing!  I’m impressed with his work along the vent, switches and cartridge slot.

I have a few spares in my collection and it got me thinking about painting up one of my Mega Drives. When I was staring at the Mega Drive shape [*SAD SMILEY FACE*] I noticed the ring around the cartridge slot and thought that I could use that to make the iconic Sonic 1 intro screen.

I want one.  I want one so I can jam a cartridge into Sonic’s eyes for not being grrrrrrreeeeeeeeen enough.  More cool photos in the gallery past the jump.

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ATTN: Sonic 2 HD Creators

I don’t want crisp, hand-drawn visuals and exact physics.  I just want you to take the original art and move it around a whole bunch of times.  Why can’t you do that?  THIS IS PERFECTION. Gawd, you’re worthless.

Also, if you have a rotation fetish, this is for you, too.


Sonic 2 XL? More like Sonic 2 ~Extra Awesome~

Every so often a hack of a Sonic game will come along where there’s just a minor change to gameplay mechanics, but a whole new, enjoyable game is made from the result: Sonic 1 Return to the Origin, Sonic 3D: No Flickies, Sonic 1: Bouncy Edition, etc. Then, friends, there are times when a minor change will make a game more awesome.

Captain Bozo and Ranger on the forums have done just that with Sonic 2 XL, a simple hack of Sonic 2 where the game’s standard rings are replaced with…onion rings. Hilarity ensues.

You can download Sonic 2 XL at its Sonic Retro wiki page or visit the hack’s thread on the forums for more information.


Classic Sonic Game Montage

This is a pretty cool video courtesy of Arcane on the forums earlier today. It’s a montage of all the classic Sonic games played in sequence–normally about a 5 hour task–condensed into about 10 minutes. It’s pretty fun to watch and really brings the length and content of the classic games into perspective. It also makes you realize how short Sonic 2 is compared to pretty much everything else. Now all it needs is Sonic CD!

Check out the relevant thread on the forums here.