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Sonic Generations Casino Night Pinball Stage Coming as DLC to Steam and PSN/Xbox Live Goodies











SEGA just announced that the Sonic Generations Casino Night Zone pinball stage console users could have gotten as a pre-order bonus will be released as DLC for the Steam version. While PC gamers haven’t been able to play the stage yet (at least, not officially), they will be from December 26th, which is when it will be released for USD $1.59, GBP £0.99, EUR €1.59 or AUD $2.99 depending on where you live. Here is a video of the stage played on the Xbox 360 (courtesy of Youtube user AestheticGamer):

Also announced are PS3 dynamic themes and Xbox Live Avatar items themed after the same game. The PS3 themes have either modern or classic Sonic (depending on which theme you buy) doing a pose on Green Hill zone, which has the sunflowers spinning and the waterfall moving in the background. These will be available later today in Europe when the Playstation Store updates for £1.59/€1.99 each. Meanwhile Xbox Live users will get a variety of costumes for their Avatar with Super Sonic, Classic Sonic and Classic Amy respectively (for 240 points each) as well as a t-shirt (160 points) and cap (80 points) with the Sonic Generations logo on them tomorrow when the Xbox Live Marketplace updates. Pictures and videos of the goodies can be found here.

[Via SEGA Blog]