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SEGA Sunday Roundup

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SEGA Sunday Roundup – Project Anime Edition

So SEGA has been announcing a lot of games lately, and last week they decided to announce one more. And if you’re wondering just how anime it is:


It’s pretty goddamn anime. This anime game is called Miracle Girls Festival, and it features various anime characters from anime like YuruYuriWake Up, Girls!Vividred Operation, and a bunch of other anime that my friends who are into anime will probably try to get me to watch. And as you can see by the UI, this game is gonna be a lot like the Project Diva games except will less vocaloids and more anime schoolgirls.
Featured SEGA Retro Articles of the Week

  • Look, a new thing that I added to the list! Here I’ll link to an article from SEGA Retro that’s pretty neat or possibly needs more work. First off, to keep up with the anime theme of this week’s article [Astro Boy]
  • Also, that Astro Boy game kinda sucks so here’s an article about a good one [Astro Boy: Omega Factor]

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