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Unused Sonic Colors Voice Clips Uncovered

Tech Member Techokami has ripped what he told us about last week: unused Sonic Colors voice clips.  They are in OGG format, so you’ll need a compatible player.  These clips are little one-liners from Sonic and Eggman that sound like they were going to be used in-game, but tossed at the last minute.  “BOS07” & “E06” seem to be the only clips in this batch that were used in the game.

We’ll try and find out why they’re in here, but until then, download them for yourself!  I know most of you will enjoy them, since voice acting has become more important than gameplay in this generation of Sonic.  No idea how that happened.

Sonic Colors Unused Voice Clips (762 KB, ZIP file)

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Monday Links: Alcoholic Chocolate Milk Edition

Now (wow, I’m an idiot) Tomorrow officially starts the 12 Days of Christmas.  Already?  Maaaaan, everything is moving so fast!

Sonic Retro News

  • Our Sonic Colors reviews went up last week.  Check them out if you haven’t already. [Wii] [DS]
  • In our stupid Late Night Poll from last week, 40% of voters said they didn’t know about the shoulder buttons in Sonic R. While technically a minority, I thought it’d be more like 20%.  I imagine a lot of you played Sonic R last week. [Late Night Poll]
  • Have you played MarkeyJester’s “Jester’s Challenge” hack?  If not, you’re missing out.  [Jester’s Challenge]
  • If you don’t like working in Hex editors, Selbi feels your pain.  Check out his program that converts Hex to ASM arrays.  [HEX2ASM]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Not a damn thing happened last week.
  • Sonic Colors for the Wii has settled in the high 70s on Metacritic and the DS version stands tall at 81.  [Wii] [DS]

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Review: Sonic Colors (DS)

There is this myth that is perpetuated by the mainstream gaming media that if a Sonic game is in 2D, it’s automatically good.  Scarred Sun tackled this misconception back in August in response to Sonic Team’s director, Takashi Iizuka, buying into this fallacy in order to cover for his failures and bad decision-making.  2D is simply a cosmetic preference and whether or not a Sonic game is good boils down to it being well-executed, something everybody has forgotten in Sonic’s second decade. Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure have been the recent success stories in the franchise.  They’ve been benefiting from the “2D bump,” however.  I’m going to preempt the rest of my review for Sonic Colors (aka “Sonic Rush 3”) by saying that I don’t care for either of them.  They’re boring.  Before you leave yet another stupid comment saying, “oh it’s not classic Sonic, so that’s why you hate it,” please stop.  I treat those two games differently, because they do not play like the classics, nor do they profess to be them.  They left the latter to Sonic 4(*zing*) Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventureis more about speed and racing, keeping platforming to a minimum.  That’s not the reason they’re boring though:

  • Both games have the exact same level design in every level with just a few, over-used gimmicks differentiating them.
  • They’re criminally short and don’t have a lot of reasons to replay them.  I beat both in one sitting and never felt compelled to play them again.
  • They’re not difficult.  Enemies are boost/homing attack targets.  Random bottomless pits or instant kill obstacles are the only thing standing in your way.

Sonic Colors on the DS does all of these things, somehow managing to be more boring, shorter and easier. Continue Reading