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Monday Links: That Game With The Smashing Edition

Chances are that if you played some video games this past weekend, that you were playing Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. And if you did, chances are that you noticed that Sonic’s taunt is not nearly as fun to use as it used to be. No longer does Sonic annoy other played by saying “You’re too slow!” or “C’mon, step it up!”, instead he just says “Sonic Speed!” or “C’mon!”. Sadly this isn’t nearly as satisfying to use.
So it’s a good thing that Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles is there his incredibly British voice. He’ll shout “I’m really feeling it!” or “Now it’s Shulk time!” when taunting, which really fills in the gap Sonic’s lack of satisfying voice lines left. He can also say “This is the Monado’s power!”, but I don’t think that’s quite as satisfying to use as his other two taunts. Also, one of Shulks alternate costumes is him wearing nothing but his undies. Basically my point is: everyone should be maining Shulk instead of Sonic.
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