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Sonic Adventure 2 Coming to XBLA and PSN (And Probably Steam)

At this point this isn’t even news, but it’s been (pretty much) confirmed that Sonic Adventure 2 is indeed coming to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Just not by Sega, a page for the game has been set up on Xbox Live with 10 screenshots showing the game in widescreen. This means either someone at Microsoft messed up and that Sega is going to announce it really really soon, or just that someone at Microsoft messed up. The last of these screenshots shows the circle button of a Dualshock controller, so if you thought that this was going to be an Xbox Live exclusive for some reason there’s your confirmation that it isn’t. And seeing how all Dreamcast ports by Sega for XBLA and PSN have also been released on Steam, it can be expected that the game will be released on that as well.

There are some more details on the Xbox Live page for this HD re-release. It’ll have online leaderboards and there will also be some sort of DLC. Bets are on that they are going to sell the extra content from the Gamecube version for five bucks. The current release date is October 3rd, 2012, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to look for those nostalgia goggles you must have lying around somewhere. You can find the screenshots after the jump.

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Sonic Adventure 2 Avatar Items Coming to Xbox Live

Microsoft’s community manager Larry Hyb (aka Major Nelson) has posted a schedule showing what to expect on Xbox Live this and next week. One listing that may be of interest to Sonic fans is the addition of Sonic Adventure 2 Avatar items coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace on June 5th. At the moment there are no details on what the Avatar items are, so we’ll have to wait to see if a Shadow costume will be added to the creepy Sonic costumes available on Xbox Live.

With this, last month’s leaked list of upcoming XBLA games and E3 being next week it looks like SEGA could very well be announcing a re-release of the Dreamcast game very soon. Other SEGA-related things on the schedule are more SEGA Vintage Collections of Golden Axe and Streets of Rage releasing tomorrow for 800 MS points each and Virtua Figher 5: Final Showdown releasing next week on June 6th for 1200 MS points along with Avatar items of the same game.

[Via Major Nelson]

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Jet Set Radio coming to Playstation Vita

In addition to getting a re-release on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC, the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio is getting a new portable version for the Playstation Vita. Like all the other new versions it’ll have a higher resolution than the Dreamcast version and it’ll be in widescreen.

The PS Vita will get one exclusive feature, and that is the ability to spray graffiti using the touch controls. The game will be playable at E3.

[Via SEGAbits]

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Sega Vintage Collection Redux

 This week, Sega has released more from their vintage library for the modern consoles with the return of their Sega Vintage Collection line. Xbox 360 owners can invest in the game packs for 800 Microsoft Points, or individually on Playstation 3 for $5 each. These collections offers a variety of Master System, Mega Drive/Genesis and Arcade titles this time around, which also includes the release of Monster World IV which was released previously for the Nintendo Wii, now for next generation consoles.

These collections are significant, besides the fact that the Xbox Live Arcade releases come in packs of three, they’re being handled by M2 as opposed to Digital Eclipse/Backbone. Which also means a number of features that are actually interesting, which involve sound tests as well as leaderboards for the “Trial” mini games based around core sections of each game, replay modes that allow you to record and share your gameplay, and online multiplayer for supported titles. In addition, Super Hang-On features a 3D mode for 3D-enabled televisions. These packs include Alex Kidd & Co. and Monster World Collection this week. Next week will see the release of the Golden Axe Collection and the Streets of Rage Collection. Hit the jump for the complete list of games as well as screenshots.
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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Gets a Launch Trailer

It’s the release day of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, and to remind everyone of that SEGA has released a launch trailer for the game. The trailer shows just about everything not shown yet in other officially released media except for the final zone, so those wary of spoilers may want to avoid it:

The most interesting thing about the trailer is that it says “To be concluded…” near the end, hinting at what may be a third episode in the Sonic 4 saga®.

It also shows the release dates for most of the platforms the second episode releases on. It’s already been released on Steam and it will be released later today on Playstation Network. Xbox Live Arcade and Nvidia Tegra 3-powered devices will get the game tomorrow and iOS devices will get it the day after. It seems like the game won’t be available on Android devices without Nvidia Tegra until June. Windows Phone users will be able to buy it in July.

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Take An Audio Gander At Sylvania Castle’s Musical Stylings

Since the unveiling of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, Sega has been extremely careful to point out how the latest installment in the “Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Saga” has improved over its predecessor, and that they have been listening. From the physics to the art style to the implementation of new ideas, it is clear that the people behind the game are trying more than they did the first go-round. Sure, you can argue for hours on end if they have been succeeding, but regardless, there is one component of the game that has, until now, been missing from public scrutiny. I am talking, of course, about the original soundtrack to the game. There’s no need to repeat the jokes hurled at Episode 1‘s final score, but people have been wondering what sort of instrumentation the next episode would contain. Would it be a repeat of Episode 1, would it be something much closer to the classic Mega Drive sound, or would it attempt to be a bit more high definition? While bits and pieces could be heard over convention noise during the last time a playable build was available to the public, YouTube channel WounChannel have upload yet another runthrough of the beginning to Sylvania Castle, this time with no ambient noise of excited cell phone enthusiasts.

There you have it, the music to Act 1 of Sylvania Castle. While it might not be the huge change some people were hoping for, at the very least it clues us in as to how the rest of the game should be sounding.

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Rumor: Sonic Adventure 2 Coming to XBLA

A list with games that are coming to Xbox Live Arcade popped up on the popular gaming forum NeoGAF yesterday. While it contains games that were already announced such as Battleblock Theater and Sonic 4 Episode II, a bunch of unannounced games are included as well. Among these is Sonic Adventure 2, a game either fondly or not so fondly remembered by Sonic fans. This was posted by a forum member with only 8 posts with no information on where it came from though. Besides that, it also includes cancelled games like Bonk: Brink of Extinction and Saints Row Moneyshot, so there’s barely any credibility to this.

Or at least there wasn’t until Harmonix (the developer behind the Rock Band franchise) revealed Rock Band Blitz later on the same day, a game included on the very same list. Meaning there’s actually a possibility that the it is real and that Sonic Adventure 2 may be coming to XBLA, or was at least once in development. Other unannounced SEGA titles that may be coming to Xbox Live are more Vintage Collections with Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. The full list can be found after the jump.

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Your Sonic 4: Episode 2 Roundup

This week has been quite the interesting one for those looking forward to Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. Without the teasing of weeks of teasing announcements, a playable build of the game shows up out of nowhere in Barcelona, subsequently played by people who apparently have never touched a videogame in their life. The offical English homepage of the game was updated. And of course, even though it doesn’t seem nearly as vital any longer, another round of concept art was uploaded onto Sega’s blog and Facebook page. So, without further ado, let’s jump head first into the madness.

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Sega Hosts Graffiti Contest and Reveals Details for Jet Set Radio Re-Release

 Sega has revealed more tidbits available for Jet Set Radio slated for re-release for digital distribution. Sega will be releasing the title for PC platforms along with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 slated for this summer. Sega has also revealed a handful of screenshots showcasing the widescreen presentation. Even without updating the graphics, the game still looks just as vibrant as it did before.

Sega has also opened up a contest open to all in the US and UK regions for artists (Or would be vandals?) to submit their graffiti pieces to be used in the game. Up to 18 will be selected and will award those with a number of prizes including a Bluetooth, solar powered Rukus.  Details for the contest can be found at

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Watch Someone In Spain Play Sonic 4: Episode 2

It isn’t a secret that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 is coming to just about everything under the sun. One particular release they have been pushing, though, is the version that will be on Android devices, specifically those with the NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor. After all, it was an earlier conference with NVIDIA that was originally meant to unveil the logo to Episode 2 (though that didn’t actually happen). Well, at the Mobile World Congress 2012 currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain, this cross promotion has allowed a playable build of the game to be on the show floor. And where there are playable builds of Sonic games, there are men and women with video cameras ready to capture every second!

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