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Kick It ’90s Style With The MIB in Stardust Speedway

A lot of you have no doubt been enjoying the fruits of The Taxman’s labor now that Sonic CD for Everything is out (we know we certainly have) and we can only hope you’re also spreading the love to those around you that, yes, Sonic CD is not too shabby a game.

But one of the most endearing traits from the game is that the music, be it the American or International version, is catchy as hell! So when I get linked to a remix of the music from the game, you bet I take a listen and every now and then am pleasantly surprised to find one awesome remix, such as the one above by youtuber mattj2217.

Of course, matt’s not the only one to have put together Will Smith’s rapping talents with a Sonic CD song. Enter the Fresh Prince.

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Jam Jam Here Comes The “Fresh Prince of Megamix”

So we here at Sonic Retro can’t help but listen to the jams. Sure, half the time it’s to Michael Jackson’s JAM, but the other half? Why, it’s to the one, the only, Will Smith (who surely created Sonic the Hedgehog in a parallel universe).

Though we’re all still waiting for the latest version of Sonic Megamix to hit the digital airwaves (and the bootlegged shores of Russia), Retro member RGamer2009 has created the musical symphony known only as “Fresh Prince of Megamix.” Taking the music from “Starry Night Zone” (which you can still drool over here) and mixing it with the greatest song ever made…well, you just have to listen. And listen you shall!

Is this how the people of Retro live like? Hmm…this might be alright.