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Relive Archie, One Panel At A Time

There is something infinitely magical about Tumblr. It’s praises have been sung in the past before on Sonic Retro, from places that make you squeal in delight at Sonic the Comic imagery, to the ever-growing collection of .gifs featuring Sonic running in ways you won’t see in any beta. Well kids and kidettes, strap yourself in: another Tumblr of interest is coming your way.

Serving as the perfect counterpart to the Fuck Yeah Sonic the Comic comes A Moment of Archie Sonic.

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Various Animators Make Sonic Run Like an IdiotVarios Animadores Hacen Sonic Correr Como Un Idiota

There are some great Tumblr blogs around, like Things Organized Neatly or Feeding Objects. Joining these is a new blog called Dumb Running Sonic:














This started with Magical Game Time’s Zac Gorman making a simple gif animation, which prompted Nedroid to make one as well. The latter challenged others to make dumb running Sonics as well and the result was this amazing new meme, with animations like the one above. (Which was made by Boxer Hockey’s Tyson Hesse.) You can see more over at the Tumblr blog.Hay algunos blogs chistisimos en Tumblr, como Things Organized Neatly o Feeding Objects. Ahora podemos poner otro en un blog nuevo que muestra Sonic corriendo como un idiota.

Esto empezó con Magical Game Time’s Zac Gorman creando una simple animación gif, causando Nedroid a hacer una también. Nedroid desafió a otros que hagan sus propio animados de Sonic corriendo como un idiota resultando en este meme fantastico, con animaciones como la de arriba (que fue creado por Tyson Hesse y publicado en Boxer Hockey.) Pueden ver mas aqui.


Fuck Yeah Sonic the Comic: Fucking Great

If I had to make a short list of things from the Internet I love, it would probably look something like this:

So you can only imagine how ridiculously excited I was to find out Gagaman has recently taken his talents to Tumblr, celebrating Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic with Fuck Yeah Sonic the Comic. The blog plans to scrounge up the best bits of the series, with random panels from the comics, adverts, graphic zone art and other oddities contained within. So far, things look to be off to a great start—fans of Fleetway and random Sonic artifacts should keep an eye on this.

For the record, I also think the Game Gear case, shown right, is pretty awesome. Too bad it isn’t the waffle maker I assumed it was at first glance.